ADAMS Streetwise

Small Business Start-Up
CD-ROMS for Windows, Windows 95, Macintosh, including the Power Macintosh


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Your Comprehensive Multimedia Guide to Starting and Managing a Business

Over 750 Multimedia Clips

50 videos and animations - 200 narrated slide shows - 600 audio clips - 30 interactive charts

Why Streetwise?
When you start a small business, you soon discover that things just don't happen in the real world the way they tell you in business textbooks: invoices don't get paid by their due dates, ads don't consistently bring in customers, sales don't continually rise, and profits aren't always there. In this CD-ROM, small business maverick Bob Adams shows you how things really get done and acts as your mentor by providing instant access to streetwise advice on every small business topic.

100 Forms and Templates ...

  • Templates for business plans, marketing plans, strategies
  • Spreadsheets for budgets, financial statements, cash flow, pro-formas
  • Legal, personnel, office forms

    Advice from the Trenches ...

  • Listen and watch as a dozen successful small business owners explain on video what's worked for them and what hasn't.

    Develop a strategy to beat the competition ...

  • Why all businesses must have a strategy
  • How to determine your competitive strengths

    Position products and services successfully ...

  • Target your market niche
  • Find your "unique selling proposition"

    Get big results from low-budget advertising ...

  • Choose the best ad medium for different situations
  • Pros and cons of newspapers, magazines, radio, yellow pages, billboards, and television
  • How to create successful ads

    Tap the power of direct mail ...

  • Write copy that sells
  • Choose effective mailing lists

    Find and keep customers ...

  • Sell face-to-face and over the phone
  • Work with distributors, wholesalers, and retailers
  • Create customer service that works

    Get free publicity ...

  • Compose an eye-catching press release
  • Listen in on a call to an editor
  • What to say during media interviews

    Create a dynamic business plan ...

  • Step-by-step guidance for creating the plan
  • What investors and lenders look for
  • Sample of a complete plan

    Boost sales with cheap marketing tricks ...

  • Ten quick and simple promotions proven to pull in customers

    Get all the financing you need ...

  • Alternatives to bank financing
  • The best sources of money for start-ups
  • Watch a bank loan officer explain on video what he looks for in loan requests

    Manage cash ...

  • Develop the winning team ...
  • Important questions to ask during interviews
  • How to set salaries, benefits, and raises
  • Boost the performance of problem employees
  • Watch videos of a performance review and a "firing"

    Master accounting in minutes ...

  • Create income statements and balance sheets
  • Make financial projections
  • Collect overdue bills quickly

    Stay out of legal trouble ...
  • Why employees sue and how to avoid it
  • Create contracts that project your needs
  • What you can do to stay out of court

    For all types of businesses ...

  • For firms employing 1 to 100
  • Easy for beginners
  • Lots of savvy advice for business pros

    Windows specifications:

  • Windows or higher (Windows95 compatible)
  • 386 PC compatible; 486 preferred
  • 2 MB free hard disk space
  • 4 MB RAM
  • Double speed or higher CD-ROM drive
  • 256 color VGA graphics card and monitor; SVGA recommended
  • Sound Blaster or compatible audio card
  • Mouse required

    Macintosh specifications:

  • System 7.0 or higher
  • Macintosh LC, Performa, Quadra, and Centris, or Power Macintosh
  • Powerbook with active-matrix color display
  • 4 MB RAM
  • Double speed or higher CD-ROM drive
  • Color monitor
  • Mouse required


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