If you have traveled extensively throughout the world for the last 32 years; if you had been a cabin attendant for TWA for six years and married a TWA pilot; and, if you had managed a travel business for ten years, you could do what I do: personalized travel planning made affordable. Try me and see!

In addition to the US, I have clients around the world, including Indonesia, Malaysia, and Europe. I gladly offer my service for business or pleasure trips for you and your family. My range of experience covers air, cruises, tours, train, hotels, rental cars and much more. But don't be afraid to ask me to plan unconventional travel such as ballooning over Africa's lion country or barging on a French canal.

I work from a fully equiped home office using the United/Apollo computer system. This permits me to serve your travel needs with extended business hours. We can handle all transactions using the phone, Email, fax mail or Fed EX. And yes, I do accept credit cards.

I am affiliated with Town and Country Travel in Napa, CA so there is always backup travel assistance, during regular business hours, if I am unavailable.

The easiest way to contact me within the USA is my 800 number. For your convenience and faster service, you may complete a confidential client profile form which I will keep on file, assuring that your preference are always met.

I have a world of experience to put at your traveling feet, so let me plan your next trip. Also, see the following Web sites for backgound information. If you find a site you believe will help travelers, let me know by sending me email. I'll add it to the list.


Cindy Barthelemy
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Email: 73574.56@compuserve.com


Town &Country Travel
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See Gourmet Magazine (June, 1996).
The phone number is 707 433-6321.