Megabyte Man Saves the Stock Market
By: Patrick Rue

Once upon a few days ago, Megabyte Man was talking with Megabyte Woman about her friend that works at the NASDAQ Trading Center updating stock quotes for huge companies. She said that he called her and he didn't sound normal and he said he was very stressed out from the job.

Megabyte Man wanted to help the guy so he went to his house to talk to him about it. (Megabyte Man majored in psychology at Harvard.)

Megabyte Man rang on the doorbell and the NASDAQ trading guy, Bert, had crazy hair and he said,"Oh, a man in tights! Come into my palace before you catch a draft!" Megabyte Man walked into his apartment and looked around. There was tons of stuff on the ground and Megabyte Man tripped. Bert said,"Where did ya go? Did my palace guards mistake you for the Normantor from Trabsyanland?" Megabyte Man grunted,"No, I tripped on your jeans." Bert said,"You have fallen over the royal jeans? Get up, now!"

Megabyte Man got up and said,"Hey, dude, just settle down and take a seat. I am Megabyte Man, Megabyte Womans' boyfriend and I majored in psychology. I am here to help you relieve your stress." Bert tried to sit down but he missed and ended up on the ground. Megabyte Man said,"Okay, we can sit on the floor today if you want." Bert replied,"I am calm now. What do you want to ask me and how are you going to relieve my stress?" Megabyte Man said,"Well, first off, what is causing all this stress at the workplace?" Bert said,"Well, I have a big job. If I mess up, the stock market goes down and I am in trouble. If I mess up, I can mess up some of the biggest companies on this earth." Bert handed Megabyte Man his list of companies. Megabyte Man said,"That's a big responsibility. I really have to go now but I will be back in two days. Try to take it easy." Megabyte Man closed the door and said to himself,"Geez, is that guy messed up!"

Megabyte Man woke up the next day and turned on his TV to the news. He was barely awake when he turned on the TV, he looked at the screen and all of the NASDAQ prices were over a million dollars per share. Megabyte Man then switched the channel and he saw Bert with a gun in his hand at the NASDAQ headquarters. Megabyte Man then put on his cape and flew over to the NASDAQ headquarters.

When he arrived, he walked in the door and ran over to Berts' desk. Bert was there with a gun and he pointed it at Megabyte Man. Megabyte Man then ran at Bert and Bert squirted Megabyte Man with the gun. Bert said, "Whoops, wrong gun!" and then he ran. Megabyte Man then hopped in front of Berts' computer and put "not available" on all of the stock prices. Then Megabyte Man said ,"No wonder! It runs on Windows!" All of the people sighed and said,"It's just not a Mac!"