Megabyte Man Saves the Music Freaks
By: Patrick Rue

One day Megabyte Man went to get a gift for his girlfriend, Megabyte Woman, because it was her birthday. He thought about what he was going to get her and he decided on a CD.

He went to the music store and was browsing through the CDs. Then he discovered a CD that said on the cover of it "Warning: Subliminal Message Hidden Content in this CD." Megabyte Man didn't believe it so he asked the store employee to play the CD.

The store employee inserted the CD into the machine and pressed play. Megabyte Man started to feel weird when the music was playing. Everyone else in the store except Megabyte Man started doing weird things like jumping up and down and shouting. Megabyte Man stopped the CD and they continued acting weird. Megabyte Man left $12.99 on the counter and took the CD with him. He shut the doors of the store so the crazy people wouldn't leave. Then he sped home to edit the song with his Mac.

When he got home, he shoved the CD into the CD-ROM. Then he launched his MIDI editing software and looked for hidden messages. The hidden messages he found were "buy this CD now and check it for subliminal messages" and "jump up and act crazy."

Megabyte Man thought he got away safe but he did fall into the trap of the lyrics. Megabyte Man recreated the song with the subliminal messages saying "act normal, you all look like idiots jumping around like that!"

He put it on a CD with his new CD-R player and rushed down to the record store. He jammed his CD in the machine and played it. All the people jumping and acting crazy stopped and were embarrassed by what they had been doing.

Megabyte Man then edited the whole CD for all of its subliminal content and sent it to the record company that recorded it. Four weeks later, the new version of the CD shipped and everyone was listening to it, normally.