Megabyte Man Saves The Silicon Valley!
By: Patrick Rue

Megabyte Man was flying around in his plane made out of silicon and SIMMs when he saw the eWorld, Apple's Online Service, mainframe shaking. All of Silicon Valley was shaking due to the mainframe.

Megabyte Man got out of his plane and turned himself into a strand of binary code, then entered the mainframe. He saw what was wrong. Some evil eWorldian found out how to affect all of eWorld, by getting to the mainframe and giving it a virus even more destructive than the Michelangelo virus.

When Megabyte Man was still in the mainframe, the mainframe somehow grew legs and became a huge monster like Godzilla. Megabyte Man got locked into the mainframe. The eWorld mainframe entered the city of Cupertino, California and passed through Apple headquarters and didn't make a scratch in it.

Then it continued north to the city of Bellevue, Washington, and crushed all of Microsoft's factories and headquarters, including Bill Gates' $1 billion mansion. The mainframe became really tired and it initialized itself. Megabyte Man just barely got out before his legs got cut off by the initialization.

What can Megabyte Man do now?! Well, Megabyte Man knew that such a cool service like eWorld should have backup of everything, so he lifted the eWorld mainframe all the way back to its home in Silicon Valley and got Apple to restore all of eWorld.

Then Megabyte Man gave eWorld a gift. It was Virex from DataWatch to protect eWorld from all those nasty viruses. Thanks to Megabyte Man, eWorld is safe once again.