Megabyte Man Saves Ignorant Shoppers
By: Patrick Rue

One day Megabyte Man was hanging around in his local computer superstore and his goal was to save one person from stupid choices. The victim was found in the upgrade center in line.

The upgrade man said, "Hello, how may I help you sir?" The confused computer shopper replied,"Hi. I want a memory upgrade for my Macintosh." The upgrade man said," OK, what kind of Mac do you have?" A Performa 550.", Said the shopper. "550? Hmmm... I've never heard of that. It's a Mac? Who makes it?" "Apple" said the shopper. The upgrade man replied,"Apple... hmm, could I interest you in this IBM Clone? 16 MB of RAM... 650 Meg.." The shopper interrupted,"No, I need memory upgrade, not a new computer!" The upgrade man said,"Ah, ok. Let's see what we have here. Ok, I found a SIMM here. Like Richard SIMMons, haha, you get it?" "Very funny, now hand it over please." The shopper said sarcastically. Megabyte Man cut in and said,"You know, Performa 550s use 72 pin SIMMS, not 30 pin. Where did you learn about this stuff, upgrade dude?" The upgrade dude, a mean man replied,"I read how to use Windows, I can draw in Paint Brush, I can even change the background. Hah, and where did you learn, big strong guy in tights and cape?" Megabyte Man said,"I just know, I was born with it. Now, just get the man his 72 pin 80 nanosecond SIMM." "You didn't say the magic word!", Said the upgrade man. "NOW, and please" said Megabyte Man. The snotty upgrade man said,"Here you go. Now, may I mess up someone elses' life by giving them the wrong thing?" Megabyte Man said with anger,"You know, people who know what they are talking about should have your job. But, you people know make money, I guess." Megabyte stomped out of the door and drove off in his $120,000 Power Macintosh Racing Car.