Santa Anita Shooting Range

Santa Anita Shooting Range, an NRA affiliated club, has been in
operation for over ten years.  As California's finest, we are the
most innovative indoor range to date.  Each lane is fully
automated for personalized target bcontrol.  Seventy five foot
lanes give you enough room to try out various types of
ammunition.  Our large selection of rental guns can help you
select your next gun or just try something different.
An estimated 14% of all Californians are recreational target
shooters and 12% are hunters.  According to the California
Department of Health Services, and an unpublished study by CIC
Research in 1987, almost as many Californians hunt and target
shoot as play tennis (18%), golf (16%), softball & baseball
(26%), and who water ski (15%) and down hill ski (18%).
Moreover, @California shooters outnumber those who play
basketball (12%), football (9%), soccer (7%), or sail (10%) and
surf (4%).
Visit the range where the Lethal Weapon movies were filmed.

Full Handicap access

Open 7 days a week - 11 am to 11 pm

Safety First Lanes are monitored for safe usage and handling
20 Fully Automated Firing Positions
Maximum Target Distance 75'
All-weather soundproof range
Up to .44 Magnum permitted
Lounge and refreshments
Spectator viewing area
Pro Shop for all your shooting needs
Over 125 Rental Guns to choose from
Eye & Ear protectors furnished free
Pepper / Mace Classes, Group or Private
State of California Basic Firearms Safety Program
Hunter Safety Courses
Customized Gun Training Classes Available