HELD TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 1996, 7:30 P.M.
CLOSED SESSION:  Following a Study Session by the Monrovia
Redevelopment Agency to discuss "Alternative Housing Strategies"
from 6:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M. in Council Chambers,  a Closed
Session was held by the City Council  in the City Council
Conference Room to discuss Authorizing Litigation regarding the
former property owner of 919 W. Walnut Avenue, Government Code
§54956.9(b)(2).  The Closed Session convened at 7:00 P.M. and
adjourned at 7:30 P.M.  All City Councilmembers were in
CONVENE:  The Regular Meeting of the Monrovia City Council of
Tuesday, February 20, 1996, was convened at 7:31 P.M. in the
Council Chambers by Mayor Robert T. Bartlett.
INVOCATION:  The Invocation was led by City Clerk Linda B.
PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE:  The Pledge of Allegiance was led by
Councilmember Lara L. Blakely.
ROLL CALL:  In attendance were Councilmembers Adams, Blakely,
McCarville, Mayor Pro Tem Wilcox, and Mayor Bartlett.
1.  Presentation of "Most Livable Cities" Award:  Rick Cole, 
Local Government Commission and former Mayor of Pasadena,
presented the "Most Livable Cities" award to  Mayor Bartlett,
Dick Singer, Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce,  and
Pam Fitzpatrick of the Monrovia Old Town Merchants Association. 
Monrovia Old Town was one of five winners out of 100 entries of
Southern California communities to be so honored by the
Commission in partnership with the Southern California
Association of Governments.  He stated that the award was based
on those communities that have preserved their history, respected
their natural setting, promoted pedestrian and transit-oriented
development and created a vibrant community center for residents
of all backgrounds to live, work, shop and participate in civic
life.  Mr. Cole noted that last Friday, February 9, 1996, the
City of Monrovia hosted "Creating Livable Places in Southern
California"-- a workshop and discussion session on how to create
more livable communities, overcoming the barriers, and how to
improve citizen participation.  Following the sessions, attendees
were taken on a tour of Old Town.  Mayor Bartlett accepted the
award on behalf of all the residents and citizens of Monrovia.
Rivera reported on activities at Monrovia High School.
It was moved by Mrs. McCarville,  seconded by Mrs. Wilcox, to
approve Consent Calendar Agenda Items *B, *F-1, *F-2, *I-4, and
Roll Call:		Ayes: Councilmembers Adams, Blakely, McCarville,
Mayor Pro Tem Wilcox, and Mayor Bartlett
			Motion carried:  5-0
*B.  MINUTES:  Minutes of the Regular Meeting of February 6, 1996
of the :Monrovia City Council were approved by order of the
Consent Calendar.
1.  Passing of Senior Volunteer:  Tom O'Connell, 303 _ S. Madison
Avenue, relayed his feelings of loss over Dee Jouromski, active
member of the Gad-A-Bouts, volunteer, and personal friend of Mr.
O'Connell's since 1927.  Mayor Bartlett acknowledged the void
created by the death of Ms. Jouromski and stated that Ms.
Jouromski was one of four people for whom the Council Meeting
would be adjourned in memory of their tireless contributions to
1.  Hearing of Protests; Los Angeles County Weed Abatement
Program Abatement Order
City Clerk Linda Proctor reviewed the Staff Report.
Every year, the City is required to set a time for property
owners who may wish to protest a notice by Los Angeles County of
its intent to abate weeds, rubbish and other refuse from their
property.  On February 6, 1996, the City Council set February 20,
1996 as the hearing date for property owners to file any protest.
 Anyone who chooses not to protest will essentially allow the
County to proceed with weed abatement and to place a lien on the
properties for the cost incurred.
Maria Lopez, Agricultural Commission, in response to Mayor
Bartlett's inquiry regarding some properties listed with no
addresses, reported that those particular properties listed are
empty lots with no structures and consequently have no addresses.
Public Hearing Opened and Closed:  Mayor Bartlett opened and
closed the Public Hearing of Protests as there were no property
owners who wished to speak for or against the Abatement Order.
It was moved by Ms. Blakely, seconded by Mrs. Wilcox, to approve
the Abatement Order.
Roll Call:		Ayes: Councilmembers Adams, Blakely, McCarville,
Mayor Pro Tem Wilcox, and Mayor Bartlett
			Motion carried:  5-0
Meeting of February 20, 1996 of the Monrovia Redevelopment Agency
Board of Directors was convened by Chairman Robert T. Bartlett at
8:01 P.M. without recessing the City Council Meeting.
ROLL CALL:  In attendance were Boardmembers Adams, Blakely,
McCarville, Vice-Chairman Wilcox, and Chairman Bartlett.
A.  CONSENT CALENDAR:  It was moved by Mrs. McCarville, seconded
by Ms. Blakely, to approve the Consent Calendar consisting of
Agenda Item *B.
Roll Call:		Ayes:  Boardmembers Adams, Blakely, McCarville,
Vice-Chairman Wilcox, and 			Chairman Bartlett
			Motion carried:  5-0
*B.  MINUTES:  The Minutes of the Regular Meeting of February 6,
1996 of the Monrovia Redevelopment Agency was approved by order
of the Consent Calendar.
Redevelopment Agency Board Meeting was adjourned at 8:02 P.M. and
the City Council Meeting continued.
1.  Water Main Replacement Program; Award of Contract, Robert
Brkich Construction Corporation, $140,100.00
City Engineer Kenneth Putnam reviewed the Staff Report.
Monrovia's current water main replacement program calls for new
8" and 12" water mains to be installed on Royal Oaks from
California Boulevard to Shamrock Avenue, and on Foothill
Boulevard from Ivy Avenue to Canyon Boulevard, respectively. 
Both of these mains were installed in the 1920's and are due for
Twelve bids, with a low bid of $140,100.00 from Robert Brkich
Construction Corporation of Monrovia, were received.  This
company has done work for Monrovia in the past and has a very
satisfactory work record.  Further, the bid is 8.9% below the
Engineer's estimate and budget, thus saving the City $13,750.00.
It was moved by Mrs. Wilcox, seconded by Ms. Blakely, to award a
contract to Robert Brkich Construction Corporation in the amount
of $140,100.00 for the Water Main Replacement Program, and reject
all other bids.
Roll Call:		Councilmembers Adams, Blakely, McCarville, Mayor
Pro Tem Wilcox and Mayor 			Bartlett
			Motion carried:  5-0
*1.  Denial of Liability Claim; Herbert Alexander v. City of
The claim of damages in the amount of $1,177.06 for sewer lateral
repair was denied by order of the Consent Calendar.
Mr. Herbert Alexander filed a claim regarding sewer blockage to
the main line in front of his house.  Mr. Alexander's contractor
made the necessary repairs when it was determined that root
intrusion was the cause of the problem. As the City does not have
any City-owned trees at this location, Mr. Alexander was notified
that he was liable for these repair costs.
Staff recommended denial of the claim.
*2.  Receive and File; Person-to-Person Transfer of Type 47 ABC
Liquor License
The Person-to-Person Transfer of Type 47 ABC Liquor License for
La Parisienne Restaurant, 1101 E. Huntington Drive, was received
and filed by order of the Consent Calendar.
La Parisienne Restaurant has been sold and the new owner has
requested a transfer of the type 47 liquor license (on-sale
general eating place).  The Police Department completed a
background check and found no reason to object.
1.  Mayor Pro Tem Wilcox:
	(a)  Southern California Association of Governments
(SCAG)/Local Government Commission:  She reported she was pleased
with the Friday workshop and discussion session hosted by
Monrovia at the Community Center for the Southern California
Association of Governments and the Local Government Commission's
Center for Livable Communities.  Participants in the afternoon
workshop session concluded that more people and more community
involvement was the key to success.  She stated that
representatives from many cities attended and learned of
Monrovia's success in attaining the revitalization of the
downtown area through community involvement.
	(b)  Queen and Court:  She reminded all that the Monrovia Day
Queen and Court Luncheon was Sunday, February 25, 1996 at the
Holiday Inn.  Lunch will be served at 12 Noon, with the
Coronation at 2:30 P.M.
	(c)  Samson the Bear:  She reported that Samson will be given
a "Welcome Home" party at his new quarters in Orange County.  She
invited all to attend on Tuesday, February 27, 1996, 10:30 A.M.
2.  Councilmember Adams:    Mr. Adams had no report.
3.  Councilmember Blakely:
	(a)  San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments (COG):  She
reported that at last Thursday's meeting  formation of an Ad Hoc
Committee to address the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination
System  (NPDES) impact on cities had been approved.   The COG has
requested that Public Works Directors also serve on the
Committee.  She asked Mr. Bammes or his designee to serve.  (In
her written report, attached, she cited examples of funding
obtained for San Gabriel Valley Transportation Projects in the
MTA long range plan despite MTA objections.  Examples were the
57/60, 10/605 and 60/605 Interchanges, HOV lane completion from
Baldwin to the 605 and 605 to the San Bernardino County line, 60
HOV lane completion from the 605 to Brea Canyon, Foothill bus
leases, and Foothill bus facilities.  The report also outlined
other major accomplishments.)   She reported that Sharon Neeley
is the consultant for SGVCOG working in the transportation area.
4.  Councilmember McCarville:  Mrs. McCarville had no report at
this time.
5.  Mayor Bartlett
	(a)  Appointment of Community Service Commissioners:  Mayor
Bartlett appointed Robert Hammond and Mary Jane Card to the
Community Service Commission, replacing Commissioners David
Bower, who retired in December,  and Beth Constanza, who resigned
in February due to moving out of the community.  This will be the
first term for each of the new Commissioners who were recommended
by the Selection Committee that met on February 5, 1996.  Both
Mr. Hammond and Mrs. Card addressed the City Council, thanking
them for the opportunity and challenge to serve the community.
	(b)  National League of Cities' Election '96:  Mayor Bartlett
reported that he had just returned from Wichita, Kansas where he
had met with twelve other Mayors and City Councilmembers from all
over the United States to discuss issues for federal candidates
to address, including the candidates' plans on how they intend to
pull the nation together.  
(His written report to the Election '96 Committee included
suggestions regarding welfare recipients manning centers carrying
for children of working mothers; block grants for storm water
relief, block grants for ADA relieving cities of the financial
burden of using General Fund monies, and looking to countries
with common borders with the United States to help with
Mayor Bartlett further reported that the Election '96 Task Force
agreed to focus the Election '96 campaign on six questions which
voters, especially local officials, should ask federal candidates
as they campaign across the country between now and the November
election. The questions the Task Force hopes that each city
leader and citizen will ask candidates are:  
	1.  How will you reduce the federal deficit, and how will the
way you propose to do that affect our cities and citizens?
	2.  What will you do to restore greater authority and
resources for local governments to meet the needs and priorities
	     of their citizens?
	3.  What steps will you take to address the impact of current
unfunded federal mandates on cities and their citizens?
	4.  What will your federal tax reform proposal mean to my
city, and how will it affect local taxes and services?
	5.  Do you have a specific plan or proposal to address public
safety?  How will it work to make our community more           
	6.  With both Republicans and Democrats in Washington
proposing deep cuts in human and public capital investment 	  
  in the future and at a time when we need to reduce the federal
deficit and national debt, what do your proposed 	     plans
call for that will build our cities' future?
The Election '96 Task Force addressed local business and
community leaders in Wichita to spell out its priorities for the
coming Presidential election.  Mayor Bartlett stated that he may
host a "Debate Watch '96" in Monrovia which would give an
opportunity for citizens to meet locally to watch and discuss
debates in races for the House, Senate, and White House.
	(c)  59th Assembly District Representative:  Mayor Bartlett
introduced Steve Johnson from the audience, Assemblyman Margett's
District Representative.
1.  Library Strategic Planning Process; Appointment of Citizen
Advisory Committee; Facilitator's Consulting Contract, Human
Technologies International, $7,750.00
Librarian Monica Greening reviewed the Staff Report.
In past years, the City accomplished a number of major capital
improvements to important facilities such as the Community
Center, Police Department, high school sports complex, parks, and
most recently the second Fire Station.  Because the Library has
not been modernized or updated since the mid 1960's,  the Council
focused on this facility as its next major renovation,
modernization and perhaps expansion.
At a special budget Study Session on January 23, 1996, the City
Council recommended earmarking $630,000.00 ($280,000.00 from
unused CDBG funds, $175,000.00 from facilities reserves and
$175,000.00 from Trust for Public Land sale proceeds) to assist
the Library Division with a long-range strategic planning and
modernization project.  The funding was approved at the February
6, 1996 City Council Meeting by adoption of the 1995-96 Mid-Year
Financial Report.
The attached report outlines a program that would include a
five-month strategic planning program, the appointment of a
citizen's advisory committee to lead this process and the
retention of a skilled consultant/facilitator to help guide this
planning program.  The following is a summary of what this
program hopes to accomplish over the next five months:
  Establish an advisory committee to spearhead this planning
	 Retain a professional consultant to facilitate the planning
	 Conduct a needs assessment.
	 Conduct an all-day community workshop to develop a shared,
strategic future vision.
	 Formulate short- and long-term goals.
	 Conduct a staff organizational assessment.
	 Development of a comprehensive, strategic plan by the
advisory committee, community workshop participants, Library
Board and staff.
	 Preparation of a planning document clearly stating the
goals, objectives and time-lines for phased implementation.
Selection of  an advisory committee is an important component of
this planning process.  Since the Library serves all segments of
the community, the Council made a citywide appeal for persons
interested in serving on this advisory committee.  This
broad-based citizen's group will be a working committee and will
formulate the best future thinking to meet the changing
technological and social needs of the community.  More names were
received than could be accommodated on this committee.  However,
all of those who expressed interest will be invited to
participate in the community-wide workshop, which will be
designed to identify the future needs, goals and objectives of
our community Library.  The following list of twenty names
represents a broad and diverse section of our community, each of
which brings a different interest, skill and cultural background
to this working committee:
Sylvester Carter, Marsha Coronado, Sue Cornwall, Giselle Franco,
Marlene Gibb, Kim Jackues, Don Kinch, Gail Labau, Chris Lazardo,
Ron Malanosky, Jan Marlia, Dennis Michael, Sharilin Miller,
Patricia Myers, Lynn Pikchak, Eldora Polk, Frank Reyero,
Charlotte Schamadan, Leslie Smith and Rhonda Vicroy.  Additional
Task Force members are Library Board members Joan Bonholtzer,
Kathy Knudsen, Bill Savage, Sheila Thornton, Denise Zoolalian and
Staff members Don Hopper, Monica Greening, April Soash, and
Melinda Steep.
Staff also recommended the approval of a contract with Mr. Ray
Rood, Human Technologies International, as the professional
facilitator to help lead this process.  Mr. Rood has had
extensive experience with this type of library planning program
and most recently developed the long-range plan for the Glendora
Public Library.  He is currently working with the cities of
Alhambra, Whittier and Santa Monica to develop similar programs. 

The total fee to complete this process, which includes the
completed written plan, is $7,750.00.  This would be funded out
of the initial $630,000.00, which has been set aside for the
Library renovation and modernization program.
Ms. Greening reported that this was an exciting time for our
Library and our community.  With technology changing the way we
receive and deliver information, it is very timely that this
strategic planning process proceed.  She thanked Mrs. McCarville
for all her help for the Library.   It is anticipated that the
committee will complete its work and report back to the City
Council no later than June 30, 1996.
Joan Bonholtzer, Library Board President, thanked the City
Council, especially Mrs. McCarville who is Council Liaison to the
Library Board, on behalf of the Library Board and Library
patrons.  She introduced Library Board members Sheila Thornton,
Bill Savage, and Kathy Knudsen.
After discussion, it was moved by Mrs. McCarville, seconded by
Mr. Adams, to approve the implementation of the Library strategic
planning process and appoint a citizens advisory committee to
begin the process.
Roll Call:		Councilmembers Adams, Blakely, McCarville, Mayor
Pro Tem Wilcox and Mayor 			Bartlett
			Motion carried:  5-0
It was moved by Mrs. McCarville, seconded by Mr. Adams, to
approve a contract with Ray Rood of Human Technologies
International in the amount of $7,750.00.
Roll Call:		Councilmembers Adams, Blakely, McCarville, Mayor
Pro Tem Wilcox and Mayor 			Bartlett
			Motion carried:  5-0
2.  Property Update; 919 W. Walnut Avenue
Assistant City Manager Donald Hopper presented an oral report
regarding the disposition of the above property.
Since the City Council's last Meeting, Staff has been in regular
contact with the property owner, City Attorney's office and
Police Department regarding the nuisance conditions at 919 W.
Walnut Avenue.  Staff has been working with the property owner to
complete the relocation of the last remaining tenant and a
schedule for demolition. 
The owner and tenant found a location today.  The owner will
assist with all the necessary deposits and the last month's rent.
 As soon as the tenant leaves sometime this week, the property
will be demolished.  The anticipated completion date is March 1,
1996.  Mr. Hopper stated that he had received great cooperation
with the owner who is the original holder of the note.
3.  1996-97 Contract Agreement; Monrovia Cable Usage Corporation
April Soash, Assistant Director of Community Services reviewed
the Staff Report.
In 1993, the City established the Monrovia Cable Usage
Corporation (MCUC), a non-profit organization, as a governing
entity for public, educational and government (PEG) cable access.
 This Board was required to set policy, establish guidelines and
allocate future funding for public access television.  The Board,
which was made up primarily of elected and appointed officials,
also appointed a commission to meet monthly and oversee
operations, purchase equipment and make recommendations on
In 1994, the MCUC Board of Directors was reorganized to include
eleven voting members with two ex-officio, non-voting members
from the City and School District.  Although the MCUC was
reorganized, its purpose remained unchanged, to provide public,
educational and government access programming for the City of
Monrovia.  Funding for this Board was provided in the City's
Cable Franchise Agreement with 1% coming from annual gross
receipts from public access and 1% from the City's 5% share of
annual gross receipts for a total amount of $45,000.00 annually.
Since 1994, the City has held a number of meetings and
negotiation sessions with the MCUC to adopt bylaws for the
non-profit corporation and develop a contract between the City
and MCUC to ensure the best possible public access as provided
for in the Cable Franchise Agreement.  The following is a summary
of services provided in the contract:
	 Complete scope of services including management,
administration, training, programming, etc.
	 Equipment and Facilities
	 Membership Development
	 Annual Reports
	 Annual Plan and Budget
	 Term of the Agreement
	 Termination of the Agreement
The contract with MCUC is a one-year agreement designating the
Corporation as the managing entity of PEG access.  It maintains
the City's ability to terminate the agreement at any time if it
determines that MCUC is not exercising its best effort to provide
the best possible public access and programming to the citizens
of Monrovia.
Funding for public access will remain the same formula of 1% of
the City's Franchise Agreement with Century and 1% of the City's
5% Franchise fee (estimated total of $45,000.00). 
Mimi Mency, Monrovia Cable Usage Corporation Board President,
addressed the City Council.  Mrs. Mency reported that the MCUC
Board had approved the proposed contract with the City of
Monrovia.  She also reported that the Board had voted to step
down from the MCUC.  A special election will be held whereby new
officers will be elected by members of the MCUC.  Over 100
patrons have sent in their membership applications and are
eligible to vote.  She urged all patrons to return their
completed application which was included in the last Cable bill. 
Extra copies of the application will be available at City Hall. 
The Board will hold custodianship until the election in April.
Members of the City Council congratulated Mrs. Mency, noting that
she had done an incredible job.
It was moved by Mrs. Wilcox, seconded by Ms. Blakely, to approve
the annual contract with MCUC for one year commencing February
20, 1996 and expiring on February 20, 1997.
Roll Call:		Ayes: Councilmembers Adams, Blakely, McCarville,
Mayor Pro Tem Wilcox  and Mayor Bartlett
			Motion carried:  5-0
*4.  Set for Public Hearing on March 5, 1996; Amendment to Title
17 (Zoning) to Establish Regulations for Public Telephone
Installations Citywide; Ordinance No. 96-03
The Public Hearing was set by order of the Consent Calendar.
The Planning Commission recommended approval of a code amendment
to regulate the installation of outside public telephones. 
Currently, the City does not have any regulations to address
these outside installations on private property.  The proposed
ordinance will provide the Development Review Committee the
ability to review and approve all such requests.
1.  Amendment of Title 5 of the Monrovia Municipal Code relating
to Renewal of Cable Television Franchises; Second Reading and
Adoption; Ordinance No. 96-01
This is the second reading and adoption of an ordinance which
would renew the Cable Television Franchise Agreement between
Citizens Century Cable Television Venture and the City of
Monrovia for a ten-year period through March 1, 2008.
It was moved by Ms. Blakely, seconded by Mrs. McCarville, to read
by title only Ordinance No. 96-01.  As there were no objections,
City Attorney Bagneris read as follows:
It was moved by Ms. Blakely, seconded by Mrs. McCarville, to
adopt Ordinance No. 96-01.
Roll Call:		Ayes: Councilmembers Adams, Blakely, McCarville,
Mayor Pro Tem Wilcox, and Mayor Bartlett
			Motion carried:  5-0
*K.  PAYROLL & VOUCHERS:  Payroll No. 3 in the net amount of
$260,251.69 and Voucher Numbers 51920 through 53304
non-sequentially in the amount of $517,615.80 was approved by
order of the Consent Calendar.
L.  SCHEDULED MEETINGS:  The next Regular Meeting of the Monrovia
City Council is scheduled for Tuesday, March 5, 1996, 7:30 P.M.,
Council Chambers, 415 South Ivy Avenue, Monrovia, California.
Meeting of the Monrovia Financing Authority was convened by
President Robert T. Bartlett at 8:48 P.M. without recessing the
City Council Meeting.
ROLL CALL:  In attendance were Authority Commissioners Adams,
Blakely, McCarville, Vice-President Wilcox, and President
B.  MINUTES:  It was moved by Mrs. McCarville, seconded by Ms.
Blakely, to approve the Minutes of the Organizational Meeting of
February 6, 1996.
Roll Call:		Ayes:  Commissioners Adams, Blakely, McCarville,
Vice-President Wilcox, and President 			Bartlett
			Motion carried:  5-0
adjourned at 8:50 P.M. and the City Council Meeting continued.
M.  CLOSED SESSION:  Mayor Bartlett announced that the City
Council would convened to a Closed Session to discuss Personnel
Matters; Performance Evaluation, City Attorney Michele Beal
Bagneris; Government Code §54957.  
N.  ADJOURNMENT:  Closed Session adjourned at 9:40 P.M. in memory
of Charles (Charlie) Hagaman, Hilda Rethlefron Pottenger, Annie
Lee Mency, and Dee Jouromsky.
Robert T. Bartlett, Mayor
Linda B. Proctor, City Clerk