HELD TUESDAY, APRIL 16, 1996, 7:30 P.M.

CONVENE:  The Regular Meeting of the Monrovia City Council of
Tuesday, April 16, 1996, was convened at 7:35 P.M. in the Council
Chambers by Mayor Robert T. Bartlett.

INVOCATION:  The Invocation was led by Pastor Helen McCall,
Shiloh A.M.E. Zion Church.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE:  The Pledge of Allegiance was led by
Councilmember Lara L. Blakely.

ROLL CALL:  In attendance were Councilmembers Adams, Blakely,
McCarville, Mayor Pro Tem Wilcox, and Mayor Bartlett.


1.  Earth Day 1996, April 22, 1996; Announcement of Art Contest

Community Development and a number of local solid waste companies
sponsored an Earth Day coloring contest highlighting the
contribution recycling makes to the health of the earth.  Contest
materials were also available at the City‚s Recycling Booth at
the All-City Community Fair on April 20, 1996.  Management Senior
Analyst Barry Foster explained the program, thanked the City
Council for judging the art contest, and announced the names of
the winners.  All winners will be recognized at the next City
Council Meeting on May 7, 1996.

2.  Municipal Clerks Week, May 5-11, 1996

Mayor Bartlett proclaimed the week of May 5-11, 1996 as Municipal
Clerks Week in honor of the contribution that Municipal Clerks
make nationwide to the efficient running of city governments
across the nation.  City Clerk Linda Proctor accepted the


1.  Mayor Bartlett recognized and congratulated the winners of
the 1996 Winter Youth Sports Program, all from Mayflower
Elementary School.  The Basketball Team presented a signed
basketball to Mayor Bartlett, and the Cheer Leading Squad
performed several routines.  Respective coaches Charles Jackson
and Beatrice Benitez were also introduced and congratulated.

2.  Mayor Bartlett recognized and presented Certificates of
Appreciation to those in attendance representing Gem City
Kiwanis, Monrovia Rotary Club and Monrovia City Employees‚ „We
Careš Foundation for their donations to help provide scholarships
for some of Community Services‚ youth sports participants.

Rivera reported on activities at Monrovia High School.

A.  CONSENT CALENDAR:  It was moved by Mrs. McCarville,  seconded
by Mr. Adams, to approve Consent Calendar Agenda Items *B, *F-1,
*F-2, *I-6, *I-7, *J-1, *J-2, and *K.

Roll Call:		Ayes: Councilmembers Adams, Blakely,
McCarville, Mayor Pro Tem Wilcox, and Mayor Bartlett Motion
carried:  5-0

*B.  MINUTES:  Minutes of the Regular Meeting of April 2, 1996,
of the Monrovia City Council were approved by order of the
Consent Calendar.


1.  Volunteer of the Month:  Tom O‚Connell, 303 1/2 S. Madison
Avenue, announced that Ray McCarville was the Monrovia Volunteer
Center‚s „Volunteer of the Monthš.  He stated he thought it would
be good if the City Council recognized Mr. McCarville‚s

2. Opposition of New Stop Signs:  Claude Chabana, 16 Hidden
Valley Road, spoke in opposition to the newly installed Stop
signs on Hillcrest Boulevard at Magnolia Avenue.


Meeting of April 16, 1996 of the Monrovia Redevelopment Agency
Board of Directors was convened by Chairman Robert T. Bartlett at
8:00 P.M. without recessing the City Council Meeting.

ROLL CALL:  In attendance were Boardmembers Adams, Blakely,
McCarville, Vice-Chairman Wilcox, and Chairman Bartlett.

A.  CONSENT CALENDAR:  It was moved by Mrs. McCarville, seconded
by Mr. Adams, to approve the Consent Calendar consisting of
Agenda Item *B.

Roll Call: 	Ayes:  Boardmembers Adams, Blakely, McCarville,
Vice-Chairman Wilcox, and Chairman Bartlett
	Motion carried:  5-0

*B.  MINUTES:  The Minutes of the Regular Meeting of April 2,
1996, of the Monrovia Redevelopment Agency were approved by order
of the Consent Calendar.

MRA-1  Acquisition of Business and Goodwill; Charee‚s Liquor
Store, 617 S. Myrtle Avenue; Resolution No. 3-96

Assistant Executive Director Donald Hopper reviewed the Staff

Charee‚s Liquor Store, 617 S. Myrtle Avenue, has become a
significant nuisance for the 600 block of South Myrtle Avenue.
Faced with a dwindling business and the increasing reliance on
cheaper alcoholic beverages, single cans and half-pint purchases,
businesses like Charee‚s Liquor Store often generate various
problems ranging from loitering and panhandling to theft and
prostitution.  The City has taken steps to abate these problems
at Charee‚s after repeated requests by the Chamber of Commerce,
local business owners and residents.  Police officers have had to
respond repeatedly to this location.  Problems still exist around
the store, including loitering, alcohol-related offenses and

Last September, the Redevelopment Agency learned that Charee‚s
Liquor Store had been unsuccessfully listed for sale for over two
years.  The owner, Mrs. Werasoontron, wished to comply with City
standards, but the liquor store remained in decline.  Even if she
were to find a buyer, it appeared likely that the problems would
remain and become a burden for someone else.  Staff contacted the
attorney for Charee‚s Liquor Store to inquire about the listing.

After a period of lengthy discussion, the attorney submitted an
offer to sell the business and goodwill for the sum of
$72,500.00.  This price is consistent with market conditions for
this use.  The owner would retain and presumable sell off the
liquor license, furniture, fixtures, equipment, and stock. Upon
accepting the Agency‚s offer, Mrs. Werasoontron would vacate the
premises no later than May 15, 1996.  She would be solely
responsible for dealing with the property owner with regard to
the existing lease.

Accepting the offer removes the nuisance once and for all rather
than the City spending an equal or greater amount of money over
the coming years to regulate and monitor the business.

It was moved by Mr. Adams, seconded by Mrs. Wilcox, to approve
Resolution No. 3-96 authorizing the Executive Director to accept
Charee Werasoontron‚s offer to purchase the business and goodwill
at 617 South Myrtle Avenue, known as Charee‚s Liquor Store, for
the price of $72,500.00, and to direct Staff to execute the
purchase agreement and enter escrow.

Roll Call: 	Ayes:  Boardmembers Adams, Blakely, McCarville,
Vice-Chairman Wilcox, and Chairman Bartlett
	Motion carried:  5-0

2.  Acquisition of Property; Baktiarian Service Station, 148 E.
Foothill Boulevard; Resolution No. 6-96

Redevelopment Manager Glenn Cox reviewed the Staff Report.

Since the Agency Board‚s adoption of the Five-Year Strategy Plan
last month, Staff has negotiated with the property owner of 148
East Foothill Boulevard, Mr. Tony Baktiarian, to purchase his
property.  The plan calls for the City to then purchase the old
Wagner Refrigeration Shop next door, consolidate the two parcels
and sell them to a housing developer for the construction of
quality affordable housing.  Both sites are zoned
Residential-High Density making them existing non-conforming
uses.  In its current condition, the property is „physically and
economically obsoleteš and meets AB1290‚s criteria for blighted

Staff has negotiated a purchase agreement with Mr. Baktiarian
based on the following business points: A total purchase price of
$650,000.00; A lease buy-out payment of $30,000.00 for Mr.
Baktiarian‚s tenant, American Fuel West, Inc.; and The right of
Mr. Baktiarian‚s tenant to salvage equipment, material and/or
fixtures. Mr. Baktiarian had been in the process of upgrading the
property which would increase the cost to the Agency if this
project were to wait.  Staff commissioned reports from
environmental consultants to investigate hazardous waste
questions such as the presence of asbestos, gasoline and oil
spills, and underground storage tank security.  The results of
the tests conclude that the site is free from any contamination
or hazardous materials. The Baktiarian property will remain in
the Agency‚s land bank until the Wagner property is acquired and
a suitable housing development is selected for the site.  The
process will take approximately six months.

After discussion, it was moved by Mrs. Wilcox, seconded by Mrs.
McCarville, to approve Resolution No. 6-96, authorizing the
purchase of 148 East Foothill Boulevard, and direct the Executive
Director to execute the necessary documents to enter escrow.

Roll Call: 	Ayes:  Boardmembers Adams, Blakely, McCarville,
Vice-Chairman Wilcox, and Chairman Bartlett
	Motion carried:  5-0

Redevelopment Agency Board Meeting was adjourned at 8:12 P.M. and
the City Council Meeting continued.

E.  BIDS:  None


*1.  Receive and File; ABC Application, Original Type 41 Beer and
Wine License, Restaurant Devon, 109 E. Lemon Avenue

This matter was approved by order of the Consent Calendar.

The Alcoholic Beverage Commission sent notice of an application
for an original Type 41 license for beer and wine sale for a new
restaurant called Restaurant Devon at 109 E. Lemon Avenue.  On
the basis of a background check of the applicants, the Police
Department found no reason to deny the application.

*2.  Receive and File; ABC Application, Person-to-Person
Transfer, Type 48 General Liquor License, Old Towne Inn Sports
Lounge, 115-117 E. Olive Avenue

This matter was approved by order of the Consent Calendar.

The Alcoholic Beverage Commission sent notice of an application
for a person-to-person transfer of a Type 48 liquor license for
The Old Towne Inn Sports Lounge at 115-117 E. Olive Avenue.  The
Police Department conducted a background check on the applicants
and finds no reason to deny the transfer application.


1.  Mayor Bartlett
	(a)  National League of Cities:  Mayor Bartlett announced
that Councilmember Blakely had been named as Chair of the
Legislation Committee of the League, a non-partisan, most
responsible position and probably the most powerful of all of the
Committees Chairs.  Ms. Blakely explained the roles and duties of
each of the six Policy Committees.
	(b)  Foothill Transit:  Mayor Bartlett reported that he
attended the ceremonies for the new Foothill Transit facility.
He stated it was built for $9.67 million with federal funds.
There was a savings of $80 million which will be used for new
services for the twenty cities that had banded together to form
Foothill Transit.  He congratulated Foothill Transit and
suggested to Staff that the program would be an excellent
candidate for the Helen Putnam Award in addition to show as a
National Model to apply for federal grants.
		(c)  Southern California Association of Governments
(SCAG):  He reported he had attended the General Assembly meeting
of SCAG in Riverside.  He stated that a resolution was passed by
SCAG limiting the number of residential care facilities to no
more than one within a distance of 1000‚ from each other and that
all such facilities must meet the zoning laws of the city.  He
also reported that SCAG would hold a Legislative Summit of the
Congressional Delegation of Southern California following the
conclusion of both parties‚ Conventions to provide the Delegation
with a Legislative Agenda of three items SCAG wants to see happen
on behalf of this region.  Tentative date for the Summit is
August 19, 1996.
		(d)  Pastor Helen McCall:  He reported that this was
the last City Council Meeting that Pastor McCall would attend to
provide the Invocation as she was retiring in July.  He thanked
Pastor McCall for her many years of service to the Monrovia

2.  Mayor Pro Tem Wilcox:
	(a)  Community Thanked:  Mrs. Wilcox thanked the community
for all its care and concerns for her during her recent surgery
and recuperation period.  She thanked all for the many flowers
and cards.  She stated that members of the community even brought
her dinner for nine days after she returned home from the
hospital.  She stated she was back to work now.
	(b)  Community Services Commission Vacancy:  She announced
that there was a vacancy on the Commission and urged Monrovians
to fill out an application.  She explained the function of a
Community Services Commissioner.
	(c)  1996 Excellence Award:  She announced that the
Community Activist Program (CAP) had won another award of
national distinction.  Mr. Gould reported that it was the
Employees Round Table Award which was won by Monrovia hands down
from over 300 applicants.  Representatives of the program have
been invited to the White House for presentations.
	(d)  All-City Community Fair:  She reminded all of the
All-City Community Fair, chaired by Linda Proctor, on Saturday,
April 20, 1996, 7:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., Recreation Park.

3.  Councilmember Adams:
	(a)  Citizens Police Academy:  He reported that he had
attended the graduation exercises for those citizens graduating
from Class Four of the Academy.  He stated that three volunteers,
Nicole Nicely, Elaine Drew, and Amy Emett, were recognized by the
Police Department for all their work in assisting the Department
in providing the sessions.  Mr. Adams suggested that those
volunteers be recognized at a City Council Meeting.
	(b)  Golf Tournament:  He stated that Dr. Alberta Amend did
an outstanding job in organizing the recent Golf Tournament
benefiting the Boys & Girls Club and requested that a letter be
sent to her.
	(c)  Big M Booster Club Banquet:  He announced he had
received an invitation to the annual banquet of the Big M
Boosters to be held June 8, 1996.
	(d)  Santa Anita YMCA Annual Celebration:  He announced that
the YMCA would be honoring Joe Ragsdale, long-time advocate of
youth, at its „In Honor of Youthš dinner on May 10, 1996.
Invitations would be forthcoming.

4.  Councilmember Blakely:
	(a)  League of California Cities:  She reported that the
League would hold its Board meeting this weekend in El Centro.
The League will take a formal position on the Santa Clara vs.
Guardino decision.
	(b)  San Gabriel Valley Council of Government (COG):  COG
met at the Wrigley Mansion in Pasadena Friday, April 12, 1996.
In COG‚s view, transportation is of the utmost importance.  She
had car trouble in Los Angeles and missed the meeting but Mayor
Bartlett was in attendance. 5.  Councilmember McCarville:
	(a)  Earthquake Disaster Drill:  She attended the drill at
the Emergency Operations Center on April 10, 1996 at the Police
Community Room.  She stated that City employees working with the
other agencies in this mock disaster did an outstanding job.
	(b)   April Senior Luncheons:  She attended all three Senior
Luncheons this month.
	(c)  Police Citizen Academy:  She attended the graduation
ceremonies for Class Four of the Citizens Academy and addressed
the graduating class.
	(d)  Meals-On-Wheels:  She has been working with this
program at the Volunteer Center and asked that any interested
persons wishing to volunteer in the program call the Volunteer
	(e)  All-City Community Fair:  She urged all to attend the
Fair on Saturday, April 20, 1996, Recreation Park, 7:00 A.M. to
5:00 P.M.


1.  Pulled

2.  Legislative Bulletin

Management Analysis Scott Ochoa reviewed the Staff Report.

Periodically, Staff prepares a Legislative Bulletin tracking
bills that may affect the City of Monrovia and/or other cities in
California.  Staff makes recommendations for formal Council
positions, which, if approved, become the basis for letters in
support of or opposition to the bills described in the
Legislative Bulletin.

Staff recommended support of SB1998, AB3365, AB2974, and SB1977,
and opposition of SB2113, SB1896, SB1626, AB2841, and SB1602.

It was moved by Ms. Blakely, seconded by Mr. Adams, to approve
the Legislative Bulletin and send appropriate letters of
response.   Mayor Bartlett noted that he had testified before the
State Budget Committee during the week of April 8, 1996.

Roll Call:	Ayes:  Councilmembers Adams, Blakely, McCarville,
Mayor Pro Tem Wilcox and Mayor Bartlett
	Motion carried:  5-0

3.  Continued to May 21, 1996 City Council Meeting; Retention of
Existing Housing Element Reflecting Current Housing Goals and

Assistant City Manager Donald Hopper reviewed the Staff Report.

The State requires that the Housing Element of the General Plan
be updated on a five-year schedule.  The next Housing Element
update is set for June, 1996.  Staff proposed that the City not
update the Housing Element at this time, and determine that the
City‚s Element is still valid based on the fact that the City‚s
document is just over three years old.  In addition, the State
has not earmarked the necessary funds to allow the Southern
California Association of Governments (SCAG) the ability to
update the Regional Housing Needs Assessment.  Therefore, the
Housing Element represents an unfunded mandate and may not be
required to be updated.  Staff believed there were too many
unanswered questions for the City to proceed at this time with a
$15,000.00 update of the Housing Element.
Mr. Hopper reported that he had called the State Department
prior to this City Council Meeting and found that in all
probability the date would be extended another two years.
Legislation was moving very fast towards granting such extension.
Based on this late-breaking news, Staff recommended that the
matter be continued to the May 21, 1996 City Council Meeting.

As there were no objections, the matter was continued to the May
21, 1996 City Council Meeting.

4.  Renewal of Leases; Options--A Child Care and Human Services
Agency, Leases Terminating June 30, 1997, Recreation Park, and
February 28, 1997, Rotary Park

Assistant Community Services Director April Soash reviewed the
Staff Report.

Since April 1989, Options has leased space in Recreation Park for
a mobile classroom which houses its Head Start Program.  Since
1988, Options has also leased space to accommodate a mobile
facility for its child care program in Rotary Park.  Both leases
expired in 1994.

Options wishes to renew the leases for five years at Recreation
and Rotary Parks.  However, Staff recommends a two-year renewal
at each site with leases terminating June 30, 1997 in Recreation
Park and February 28, 1997 in Rotary Park.  The Community
Services Commission recommended the renewal of these lease

It was moved by Ms. Blakely, seconded by Mrs. Wilcox, to approve
the renewal of the lease agreements with Options for Rotary Park
to terminate on February 28, 1997 and Recreation Park to
terminate on June 30, 1997.

Roll Call:	Ayes:  Councilmembers Adams, Blakely, McCarville,
Mayor Pro Tem Wilcox and Mayor Bartlett
			Motion carried:  5-0

5.  Receive and File; Response to Century Communications FCC Form
1240 Proposed Rate Increases

Assistant Community Services Director April Soash reviewed the
Staff Report.

Under the new Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules and
regulations, cable operators are permitted to request rate
increases once per year using a projection of inflation and
external costs as the basis for their request.  The City has the
authority to regulate only the basic service offering.  This is
done by verifying the accuracy of the information (Form 1240) and
receiving public input regarding any rate increase in the basic
tier.  All documentation is then filed with the FCC.

On February 1, 1996, the City received Citizen Century Cable TV
Venture‚s application for permitted rates for regulated cable
service stating these rates would be effective May 1, 1996.  The
Basic Service increase is 13%.  Staff, utilizing consulting
assistance, identified certain information that was incomplete in
the application.  Further, Century‚s application lacked an FCC
waiver for including projected revenue.

The City notified Century Communications by letter that its
application was incomplete and that it needed to submit a copy of
a waiver before determination of the rate structure could be
completed.  On April 1, 1996, the City received a copy of the
waiver and an updated application form.  The rate structure for
Basic Service increased to $12.14 (13% increase), Expanded Basic
to $13.01 (41% increase) and Full Service to $25.15 (26%

City Manager Gould reported that virtually all cable companies
would be taking advantage of this one-time recouping opportunity
afforded to them by the FCC.  If the City does not accept the
rate increase as of May 1, 1996, penalties and interest could be
added by Century, further raising the rates over the current
proposed rates.  As Century legally has the right to raise rates
at this time, Mr. Gould recommended that the Staff Report be
received and filed.

After discussion, it was moved by Mrs. Wilcox, seconded by Ms.
Blakely, to receive and file the Staff Report.  There were no


*1.  State-Local Transportation Partnership Program Agreement;
Master Agreement SLTPP-5069, Program Supplement No. 001;
Resolution No. 96-14

This matter was approved by order of the Consent Calendar.

In 1988, the State-Local Transportation Partnership Program
(SLTPP) was created to provide State funds for local entities on
highways and transportation improvements.  An application was
submitted from the City to the State of California, and in April
1995 Caltrans notified the City that the State appropriated funds
in the amount of $8,591.00 as the State‚s share of the City‚s
Cycle 6 Street Resurfacing Program.

On March 30, 1996, Caltrans notified the City that the State‚s
share had been increased to $14,311.00, which will be available
after the City executes the enclosed Master and Supplemental
Agreements with the State.  The City‚s Cycle 6 Resurfacing
Project, re-paving nine streets totaling 2.5 miles, was completed
and accepted by the City Council on November 21, 1995.

Staff recommended that the City Council adopt Resolution No.
96-14 and authorized the Mayor to execute the Master and
Supplemental Agreements.

*2.  Support of Introduction and Adoption of Validating Act in
Response to Santa Clara County Local Transportation Authority vs.
Guardino; Resolution No. 96-16

This matter was approved by order of the Consent Calendar.

Staff recommended the City Council approve a resolution
supporting introduction and adoption of a Validating Act in
response to the Santa Clara County Local Transportation Authority
vs. Guardino decision.  SB1590 (O‚Connell) would validate
Proposition 62, making the Guardino decision prospective only.
It would designate December 14, 1995 as the effective date of the
Supreme Court‚s decision and validate all taxes enacted or
increased prior to December 14, 1995.

Although the City Council previously went on record in support of
SB1590, the League of California Cities requested the resolution
as a show of additional support for this legislation.

*K.  PAYROLL & VOUCHERS: Payroll No. 7 in the net amount of
$288,922.90, and Voucher Numbers 53039 through 53287
nonsequentially in the amount of $403,516.81 was approved by
order of the Consent Calendar.


The next Regular Meeting of the Monrovia City Council is
scheduled for Tuesday, May 7, 1996, 7:30 P.M., Council Chambers,
415 South Ivy Avenue, Monrovia, California. M.  CLOSED SESSION:
At 8:50 P.M., Mayor Bartlett announced that the City Council
would recess to a Closed Session to discuss Pending Litigation,
NEWCO Waste Systems, Inc., Government Code (54956.9(a), and
Pending Litigation, People vs. Robert Christensen, Government
Code (54956.9(a).  He also announced that the City Council would
adjourn from Closed Session in memory of Philip Scott, long-time
owner of Becherer Buick of Monrovia, and would not convene back
in Council Chambers.

N.  ADJOURNMENT:  Closed Session convened at 9:05 P.M. and
adjourned at 10:05 P.M.  All City Councilmembers were in


_________________________________ Robert T. Bartlett, Mayor


____________________________ Linda B. Proctor, CMC, City Clerk