TUESDAY, MAY 7, 1996, 7:30 P.M.

CONVENE: The Regular Meeting of the Monrovia City Council of
Tuesday, May 7, 1996, was convened at 7:33 P.M. in the Council
Chambers by Mayor Robert T. Bartlett.

INVOCATION: The Invocation was led by Pastor John Mastrogiovanni,
Jesus Is Lord Covenant Church.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: The Pledge of Allegiance was led by
Councilmember Tom Adams.

ROLL CALL: In attendance were Councilmembers Adams, Blakely,
McCarville, Mayor Pro Tem Wilcox, and Mayor Bartlett.


1.  May 1996, ìOlder Americanís Monthî; Introduction of Jack
Haertling, Monroviaís Older American Awardee and 1996 Monrovia
Senior of the Year: Mayor Bartlett proclaimed May 1996 as Older
Americanís Month in recognition of the many, many hours given to
Monrovia by our senior citizens, and presented the Proclamation
to Mr. Haertling, Monroviaís Senior of the Year as well as
Monroviaís winner of the Los Angeles County Older American
Recognition Award.

2.     May 5-11, 1996, ìBe Kind to Animals Weekî: Mayor Bartlett
proclaimed May 5-11, 1996 as Be Kind to Animals Week and
presented the Proclamation to Baron de Beer, representative from
the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society.

3.     May 19-25, 1996, ìNational Public Works Weekî: Mayor
Bartlett proclaimed May 19-15, 1996 as National Public Works Week
in recognition of the excellent work provided by Monroviaís
Public Works Department.  Public Works Director Bob Bammes
accepted the Proclamation.


1.     Introduction of Earth Day ë96 Art Contest Winners: Mayor
Bartlett thanked the sponsors of the Contest-- BFI, Waste
Management, Western Waste, Zakaroff Services (all Gold Sponsors),
and Klistoff & Sons and NEWCO Waste (both Bronze Sponsors)-- and
Lee and Charlotte Schamadan for creation of the flyer and
coordination of the event with the local schools.  He noted that
the artwork of all the winners was on display in the Council
Chambers.  Barry Foster, Senior Management Analyst, presented
Certificates to First Place winners Kirsten Haugaard, Morgan
Dyrek, German Bravo; Second Place winners Megan Stiegelmar,
Debbie Underwood, Melissa Stucker, Julie Brown, Johnny Granados,
Patti Jimenez; and Third Place winners Albert Castro, Lindsey
Harvey, Brentleigh Kingery, Robbie McDowall, Tom Okerman, Jillian
Gomez, Lara Lambert, Elena Girotto, Desiree Delgado, Katrina
Navarro, Nicole Kingery, Deana Jimenez, Elisse Gilmore, Sara
Moltheral, and Jolene Genova.

2.     Recognition by Monrovia Youth and Family Network of Vons
Pavilions for Support of the Youth All-City Track and Field Meet:
Recreation Coordinator Vanessa Cross thanked Vons Pavilions for
its support of this event.  As a representative from Vons was not
in attendance, the Certificate of Appreciation will be mailed.

3.     Recognition by Community Services Division of Rotary Club
of Monrovia, Gem City Kiwanis, Sierra Autocars, Century 21--Adams
& Barnes, and Monrovia Jewelry and Loan for Sponsorship of Spring
Egg Hunt, and of Thelma LaBossiere, Volunteer: Recreation
Coordinator Vanessa Cross presented plaques to the sponsors of
the Spring Egg Hunt, and a plaque to Volunteer Thelma LaBossiere.

4.     Recognition of the Monrovia Day Queen and Royal Court;
Queen Brooke Blum, Princess Shauna Randolph and Princess Ricci
Rivera: Mayor Pro Tem Wilcox introduced the 1996 Monrovia Day
Queen and Court.  Each gave a brief overview of Monrovia Days.
Mayor Bartlett congratulated the Queen and Court.

5.     Recognition of Retiring Community Services Commissioner
Brenda Scranton: Mayor Bartlett announced that Community Services
Commissioner Brenda Scranton had recently retired from the
Commission.  Although Ms. Scranton was not in attendance, he
thanked her publicly for her dedication as a Commissioner.

Rivera reported on activities at Monrovia High School.

A.  CONSENT CALENDAR: It was moved by Mrs. McCarville,  seconded
by Ms. Blakely, to approve Consent Calendar Agenda Items *B,
*F-1, *I-2, *I-3, *I-4, *J-2 and *K.  Mayor Bartlett removed Item
*B (Minutes) for further discussion.

Roll Call: Ayes: Councilmembers Adams, Blakely, McCarville, Mayor
Pro Tem Wilcox, and Mayor Bartlett Motion carried: 5-0

B.  MINUTES: It was moved by Ms. Blakely, seconded by Mrs.
Wilcox, to approve the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of April
16, 1996, of the Monrovia City Council as corrected by Mayor
Bartlett, which consisted of changing ìDebate Watch ë96î to
ìSCAGî in his report and adding recognition of Pastor Helen
McCallís retirement in July.

Roll Call: Ayes: Councilmembers Adams, Blakely, McCarville, Mayor
Pro Tem Wilcox, and Mayor Bartlett

          Motion carried: 5-0


1.  1994-95 Sewer Project: Victor Beecher, Beecher Construction
Company, 506 S. Gaybar Avenue, West Covina, 91790, expressed
concern regarding his perception that approval of Change Orders
for the project submitted to Staff two weeks prior had taken too
long.  City Manager Gould stated that Staff would meet with Mr.

2.  Magnolia Avenue/Hillcrest Boulevard Stop Signs: Connie R.
Noll, 404 N. Magnolia Avenue, expressed opposition to a one-year
study of the effects of the signs at this intersection.  Police
Chief Santoro stated that the Traffic Safety Committee held a
meeting recently regarding the placement of the stop signs as a
result of a complaint from a resident who opposed the signs.
Testimony was taken, and the Traffic Safety Committee again
determined that the stop signs were needed.  The one-year study
was actually a one-year period of time in collecting data which
the Committee believed will further substantiate the need for the

3.  Three Happy Happenings: Tom OíConnell, 303 1/2 S. Madison,
expressed pleasure for three events during the last three weeks--
Volunteer Luncheon, with Staff serving the volunteers, All-City
Community Fair, and Immaculate Conceptionís Walt Disney Happy
Toons program.


Meeting of May 7, 1996 of the Monrovia Redevelopment Agency Board
of Directors was convened by Chairman Robert T. Bartlett at 8:26
P.M. without adjourning the City Council Meeting.

ROLL CALL: In attendance were Boardmembers Adams, Blakely,
McCarville, Vice-Chairman Wilcox, and Chairman Bartlett.

A.  CONSENT CALENDAR: It was moved by Ms. Blakely, seconded by
Mrs. McCarville, to approve the Consent Calendar consisting of
Agenda Item *B.

Roll Call: Ayes: Boardmembers Adams, Blakely, McCarville,
Vice-Chairman Wilcox, and Chairman Bartlett

          Motion carried: 5-0

*B.  MINUTES: The Minutes of the Regular Meeting of April 16,
1996, of the Monrovia Redevelopment Agency were approved by order
of the Consent Calendar.

Redevelopment Agency Board Meeting was adjourned at 8:26 P.M. and
the City Council Meeting continued.


1.  Mainframe Computer Upgrades; Library and Finance Departments;
Award of Contract to International Business Machines (IBM), SFG
Technologies, and Ameritech Library Services, Not to Exceed
$76,525.00, $154,236.00 and $51,213.00 Respectively

Administrative Services Director Kenneth Nordhoff reviewed the
Staff Report.

Several years ago the City completed major investments into
computer technology by acquiring integrated mainframe systems for
both the Library and Finance Departments.  Over the last several
years, these mainframe systems have served each Departmentís
needs.  In addition, they have provided a variety of quality
services to the community.  Since that time, rapid changes in
technology have required that each Department address its present
system capabilities.  Extensive study has been conducted in
conjunction with Kerry Consulting Group to recommend hardware
improvements and software contract extensions.(

Last December, the City Council authorized Staff to conduct a
negotiated procurement for mainframe systems from IBM directly.
Several benefits accrue to the City by standardizing all
department mainframe systems under IBM.  These benefits include:

(     Economies of scale in the procurement process (
Standardization of all systems and compatibility (     of an
overall information system strategic plan for the City (
Compatibility in the Police, Finance and Library Departments (
makes Monrovia better prepared in the event of a major disaster (
Commonality in hardware vendors allows for cost savings in
training, (     support and maintenance related items

The Staff Report, completed by Mr. Nordhoff, outlined the
specific scope of work and contract costs for the three vendors
involved in the upgrade process.

IBM will be providing hardware products and services to both the
Finance Department and Library.  SFG Technologies will continue
as the Finance Department software vendor.  Also, Ameritech,
formerly known as DYNIX, will continue as the Library reference
application provider.  The overall estimated cost of this project
is $311,774.00. The three contracts recommended for award include
ìnot to exceedî sums.  These totals are based upon comprehensive
review of the user needs, plus several new applications that may
be considered for future use at each location.

This is a substantial investment in the information technologies
of the City.  These changes are being proposed after careful
review of current and long-term needs in both operations.
Investments made today are expected to last for a number of
years.  In particular, the Library investment is consistent with
the overall long-term planning for the use of that facility
currently under review by the Library Task Force.

Financing for this project comes from several sources.  These
include $80,000.00 currently appropriated under Library grant
funds and $89,800.00 held in the Data Processing reserves.  In
addition, $96,741.00 is expected to be lease-financed over a
three-year period.  The remaining balance of $45,233.00 will be
paid out of the Operating Budgets of the Library and Finance
Departments over the next two fiscal years.

This project does not add any additional operating cost
requirements to the Library or Finance Department Budgets over
the long-term period.  Use of these funds are considered one-time
expenditures and will bring modernization and much higher
computer capabilities to both the Finance and Library Department

It was moved by Ms. Blakely, seconded by Mr. Adams, to award a
contract to International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) for
a sum not to exceed $76,525.00, and authorize the City Manager to
execute the necessary contract documents; award a contract to SFG
Technologies, Inc., for a sum not to exceed $154,236.00, and
authorize the City Manager to execute the necessary contract
documents; and award a contract to Ameritech Library Services for
a sum not to exceed $51,213.00, and authorize the City Manager to
execute the necessary contract documents.

Roll Call: Ayes: Councilmembers Adams, Blakely, McCarville, Mayor
Pro Tem Wilcox and Mayor Bartlett

          Motion carried: 5-0


*1.     Denial of Claim; Thomas Wayman vs. City of Monrovia;
Claim of Search Without Probable Cause, Property Damage and
Property Loss in Amount of $180.00

This matter was approved by order of the Consent Calendar.

Thomas Wayman filed a claim against the City of Monrovia for
$180.00 in alleged damages to his car and the loss of a bottle of
cologne.  The incident involved a traffic stop by a Monrovia
Police Officer on December 18, 1995 for which Mr. Wayman was
cited for making an unsafe traffic movement and driving with an
expired license.

Mr. Waymanís vehicle was towed and stored per the vehicle code.
Mr. Wayman believes that the left door panel was dented and one
bottle of cologne emptied and another taken.  The officers
responding to the call deny damaging the vehicle or spilling or
taking his cologne.

Staff recommended the City Council deny this claim.


1. Councilmember McCarville:

(a)  Library Expansion and Renovation Project: She introduced
Bill Savage, Library Board member, and Chairman of the Task Force
for the project.  Mr. Savage reported that a long-range planning
Workshop was held on March 30, 1996.  The Report from that
meeting is now available, reproduced free of charge by McDonnell
Douglas.  ìDream Teamsî will meet and given their charges on May
13, 1996.  The City Council will receive a final Report in July.
On behalf of the Library Expansion and Renovation Committee, he
especially thanked Staff members Monica Greening, April Soash,
and Don Hopper, as well as City Councilmember Phyllis McCarville.

2. Councilmember Blakely:

(a)  Firefighters Annual Pancake Breakfast: She reported that the
Monrovia Firefighters Association has scheduled its annual
pancake breakfast for Saturday, May 11, 1996, 7:00 A.M. to 11:00
A.M. at the Fire Station.  She will also be preparing pancakes.

3. Councilmember Adams:

(a)  Santa Anita YMCA Annual Celebration: He reminded all of the
YMCA ìChampion of Youthî Dinner honoring Joe Ragsdale, long-time
advocate of youth, on May 10, 1996.

4.  Mayor Pro Tem Wilcox:

(a)  All-City Community Fair: She thanked City Clerk Linda
Proctor for chairing the successful All-City Community Fair held
on Saturday, April 20, 1996, at Recreation Park.  She stated that
off-site private parking for 300 cars had been arranged for all
vendors-- conditions were still atrocious due to the great

(b)  Community Suggestion Box: She also reported that the
Community Relations Committee of the Chamber had a Suggestion Box
at the Information Booth at the Fair.  Most suggestions (four)
had to do with providing a skateboard park.  The Suggestion Box
will be available every Friday night at the Family Festival in
the Information Booth.

(c)  Hazardous Waste Roundup: She reported that the City was
sponsoring a Hazardous Waste Roundup on May 11, 1996, at the City
Yard, 9:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.

(d)  Santa Anita Family Serviceís (SAFS) 45th Year of Service:
She announced that SAFS would be holding its 45th Birthday Party,
celebrating 45 years in Monrovia, at Wyndham Gardens, May 9,
1996, 5:30 P.M. to 7:30 P.M..  The winner of the 1957 Porsche
will be announced at that time.  She urged all to attend.

5.  Mayor Bartlett

(a) Blue Line: He announced that $50 million had been obtained
for the extension of the Blue Line to Duarte.  As he had to be in
Washington, D.C., he contacted Governor Wilson to help keep him
advised of the progress of the funding.  John Fasana was in
attendance at the CTC to make sure the funding happened.  Mr.
Wolf of the Governorís staff kept the Mayor informed.  He thanked
John Fasana for his incredible work, and Sharon Neeley,
Consultant, San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments (COG) for
doing all of the leg work and getting the Mayor of Los Angeles
and other staff members involved.  The extension of the Blue Line
will mean that Monrovia will have a feeder service and will not
be left behind.  The importance of this line through Monrovia is
just as great as the that of the railroad line serving
communities as they developed economically at the turn of the
century.  Those who were not on the railroad line did not develop
economically as those who were on the line.  The Metrolink Board
announced that there will be Metrolink service terminating in
Duarte.  People may shop in Monrovia and also use the line to get
to Los Angeles.

(b)  Community Activist Policing (CAP) Program Wins National
Honors: He reported that a delegation from Monrovia accepted the
1996 Public Service Excellence Award of the Public Employees
Roundtable (Federal level) from Vice President Al Gore in
Washington, D. C., on May 6, 1996.  He stated that Monrovia and
its CAP Program was talked about by everyone there, including the
Vice President, for its problem-solving component in giving
dignity once and for all to our residents by bringing in
landlords who neglected their properties, by enforcing our Drug
Loitering/Truancy Ordinances (of which the Truancy Ordinance
itself has been copied by 58 cities throughout the United
States), by providing Parenting Classes and the Citizens Police
Academy through the Police Department, and by acknowledging that
Monrovia was a community on the move-- a leading-edge community--
of almost 39,000 people now.    He gave special thanks to Police
Chief Joe Santoro for beginning this innovative program in 1990.
(Those in attendance at the ceremonies, receiving great accolades
from Vice President Gore, were Code Enforcement Officers Alice
Campos and Lynda Ferris, Community Policing Sergeant Rick Meglia,
Community Policing Officer Dorothy Percy, Sergeant Jay Olds,
Police Chief Joseph Santoro, and Mayor Robert T. Bartlett.)  A
video copy of the ceremony is being sent to Chief Santoro and
will be shown on KGEM Channel 3.

(c)  Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG): He
reported that SCAG will hold its Legislative Day tentatively in
August.  He has contacted several legislators who said they would
participate.  Both Senators indicated they may be coming to the
Summit meeting.   SCAG is also starting a movement which will be
of great benefits for this basin-- the Southwest Passage--
expanding the capacity of Route 10 from Los Angeles through
Houston, Texas, and increasing the traffic abilities of getting
goods and services into Mexicoís interior.  A big summit between
Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and California, as well as the
governments of several states in Mexico, will be held.


1.     Rotary Club of Monroviaís Proposed Vietnam War Memorial in
Library Park

Public Works Director Robert Bammes introduced Rob Hammond,
Rotary Club of Monrovia.  Mr. Bammes stated that the Library
Board approved the proposed monument at its meeting on May 2,
1996.  Mr. Hammond reviewed the history of the proposal, noting
that five families have been found.

On April 2, 1996, the Rotary Club of Monrovia sent a request to
the City for a monument be placed in Library Park to honor
Monrovians who lost their lives in the Vietnam War.  The location
is near the entrance of the Library and adjacent to the Fig
specimen tree.  The monument would be approximately 40 inches
wide, 30 inches high, 4 inches in thickness, weigh approximately
500 pounds, and will list the Monrovians who lost their lives. If
approved, a Memorial Day dedication ceremony of the monument will
take place at 1:00 P.M., May 27, 1996, Library Park.

Mr. Hammond presented Rotaryís request to the Community Services
Commission on April 18, 1996, and it was approved.

Rotary requests that Public Works provide 100 square feet of sod
and a concrete foundation.  The cost of this installation work is
approximately $200.00.  Rotary will be solely responsible for
maintenance of the monument.

It was moved by Mrs. Wilcox, seconded by Ms. Blakely, to approve
the placement of a Vietnam War Memorial in Library Park as
proposed by the Rotary Club of Monrovia, to be maintained by the
Rotary Club of Monrovia.

Raymond C. Ramirez, 13438 Beverly Boulevard, Whittier, spoke in
support of the matter. G. Hemphill, 2012 E. 77th Street, Los
Angeles, spoke in support of the matter.

Roll Call: Ayes: Councilmembers Adams, Blakely, McCarville, Mayor
Pro Tem Wilcox and Mayor Bartlett

          Motion carried: 5-0 Mayor Bartlett emphasized that the
Council was very happy and proud to approve the monument, and
needed no prodding.  He thanked those who had come so far from
outside the City to support the project, noting their great
commitment to the project in traveling so far to support it.  He
further stated that the recognition was far late in coming, but
coming nevertheless.


1. 1995-96 Five-Year Financial Forecast and Action Plan

Administrative Services Director Kenneth Nordhoff reviewed the
Staff Report.

Beginning in 1992, the City began a formal financial planning
process by developing a Five-Year Financial Forecast and Action
Plan.  The objective was to peer over the horizon and identify
critical events or financial challenges expected to occur over
this period.  The changes in demographics and economics, and
their impacts on future service delivery, were integral to these
projections.  In addition, legislative issues and court decisions
which affected local government were outlined.  The outcome was a
document that prepared the Council and community for the tough
financial and service level choices which occurred over the last
four years.

The 1995-2000 update to the Five-Year Financial Forecast and
Action Plan has been developed under the same general parameters.
At a Study Session held April 16, 1996, Staff presented the major
accomplishments and issues found in the 1995-2000 Plan.  It
presents a host of evidence that the City is in much better
financial condition than in 1992.  Numerous actions by the City
Council have allowed Monrovia to continually achieve its number
one Council Priority-- Fiscal Responsibility.  Service delivery
has not suffered at the expense of complex financial
decision-making.  Although the overall outlook is positive, there
are a number of financial challenges that lie ahead.  The current
Plan draws the following conclusions:

(     The General, Street Maintenance, Water, Sewer, Assessment
District, and Internal Service Funds are solid over the five-year
period. Sizable investments in infrastructure maintenance will be
continued. Equipment replacement for radios, vehicles, heavy
equipment, and fire apparatus will be accomplished.

The City will implement computer systems technology throughout
the organization. Additional funds are needed to pay for these
services. Some $630,000 of funding has been set aside for the
expansion and renovation of the Library.  Changes to service
levels would need to be paid for from new funding sources. Two
Police grants will expire in the next five years.  In addition,
certain Federal Block Grant money may no longer be available. The
continuation of these services must be weighed against all
resources, including those of the General Fund.

Development fees have not met expected levels.  The crossing
guard program has no dedicated funding source.  Asset seizure
recoveries have fallen in recent years and are not sufficient to
cover ongoing expenses.  Therefore the Development Services,
Traffic Safety and Drug Enforcement Funds each require about
$50,000.00 of additional funding in order to achieve a level of
fiscal stability.

Hillside development will ultimately impact service levels.  A
careful study is necessary to make sure that new development pays
its own way. Future City building renovations will not be fully
funded The Redevelopment Agency has long-term expenses which may
well exceed tax revenues.  Options such as additional debt
restructuring, land sales and cost reduction will be needed in
order to provide sufficient cash flow to meet legal and bond

In order to maintain existing quality service levels, several
staffing changes are proposed including:

The cost equivalent of one police officer position for each of
the four years beginning in 1996-97 is added to the General Fund.
The National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)
mandate requires storm water runoff tracking, cleaning and
management.  This will require one additional engineering
position plus $5,000.00 in operating expenses incorporated into
the Storm Drain Fund.  Fee increases are needed to pay for these
mandated expenses.

The engineering workload needed to properly plan and administer
water and sewer systems requires one additional engineering
position to the Public Works Department.  Cost savings of
$19,000.00 annually, accomplished by the refinancing of the State
Water Loan, can partially pay for this position. In addition, the
Proposition 62 Guardino decision and the ìRight to Voteî
initiative present serious revenue-raising problems for cities.
The unstable outlook of the Stateís General Fund budget makes all
cities susceptible to further tinkering of statewide revenue
collection and distribution.

Mayor Bartlett requested that Staff investigate the possible use
of Prop C funds to use for the hiring of Crossing Guards.  Mrs.
McCarville stated that a lot of cities have given this function
to volunteers.

It was moved by Mr. Adams, seconded by Ms. Blakely, to approve
the 1995-2000 Five-Year Financial Forecast and Action Plan.

Roll Call: Ayes: Councilmembers Adams, Blakely, McCarville, Mayor
Pro Tem Wilcox and Mayor Bartlett

     Motion carried: 5-0

*2.  Five-Year Extension of General Services Agreement; County of
Los Angeles

This matter was approved by order of the Consent Calendar.

From time to time, the City of Monrovia utilizes the services
provided by the County of Los Angeles.  These services have been
provided under the terms of a General Services Agreement.  The
current Agreement is due to expire June 1, 1996.  The County has
submitted a new General Services Agreement which provides a means
for the County of Los Angeles to perform various duties for the
City as requested.

The new General Services Agreement is for a five-year period
commencing July1, 1996.  Such services include direct assessment
collection, weed abatement, health services, tract and parcel
maps processing, and traffic signal maintenance.  There are no
fiscal impacts until such time as the City utilizes such

Staff recommended that the City Council approve the extension of
the General Services Agreement with the County of Los Angeles and
authorize the Mayor to execute the Agreement.

*3.  Amendment of Janitorial Service Contract; Williams
Maintenance Service; Exclusion of Police Department Facilities

This matter was approved by order of the Consent Calendar.
Williams Maintenance Service has provided the janitorial services
for City facilities since Fiscal Year 1988-89.  On June 21, 1994
Staff recommended, and the City Council approved, the extension
of the contract because the services were responsive and

However, the level of service provided by Williams Maintenance
Service at the Police Station during the current contract period
has not been satisfactory.  Staff recommends that City Council
amend Williams Maintenance Service contract to exclude their
service at the Police Station only.  Staff would instead contract
with Facility Operation Plus for a six-month period while putting
the entire janitorial service contract out to bid.

Staff recommended the City amend the contract with Williams
Maintenance Service to exclude its service at the Police Station

*4.  Set for Public Hearing on June 18, 1996; Notice of
Termination of Agreement with Cable Usage Corporation

This matter was approved by order of the Consent Calendar.

On February 20, 1996, the City and Monrovia Cable Usage
Corporation entered into an agreement that was to terminate on
February 20, 1997.  The agreement was to provide public,
education and government access programming to the citizens of
Monrovia.  However, the agreements states (Section. 21.A) ìIf the
City reasonably determines that MCUC fails in any way to exercise
its best efforts to provide public, educational, governmental
access programming to the citizens of Monrovia, the City may
terminate the agreement at any time.î  As per the agreement, the
City must set this matter for Public Hearing and give a
thirty-day notice to the MCUC in order to consider termination of
the agreement.

Staff recommended that the City Council set a Public Hearing date
for June 18, 1996 to consider termination of the agreement
between the City and the Monrovia Cable Usage Corporation, and to
direct Staff to give notice of the Hearing to the MCUC.


1.     Pulled

*2.     Three-Way Stop Sign on Shamrock Avenue at Colorado
Boulevard; Resolution No. 96-17

This matter was approved by order of the Consent Calendar.

The Traffic Safety Committee recommended that the intersection of
Colorado Boulevard and Shamrock Avenue be upgraded from a single
stop sign on Colorado to a three-way stop to better control the
north/south traffic on Shamrock.

On April 18, 1996, the Traffic Safety Committee considered a
report from the Cityís Traffic Engineer noting that the average
hourly traffic count is 538 vehicles, well above the 100 vehicles
per hour guideline for residential streets.  This, combined with
the fact that the significant increase in use by the Boys & Girls
Club, YMCA and recent opening of Family Fitness just down the
street, has made a significant increase in both pedestrian and
vehicular traffic.

If the City Council approves the installation of the two
additional stops, advance notice signs will be posted at the
intersection a minimum of 30 days before the actual stop signs
are installed, and letters will be sent to area residents at
least two weeks before the installation in an effort to give
everyone ample warning of this new control.

Staff and the Traffic Safety Committee recommended approval on of
the installation of the signs.

3.     Cost Recovery Hearing; Abatement of Public Nuisance at 919
W. Walnut Avenue, Owners Michael and Joyce Schlegel; Resolution
No. 96-18

Housing Rehabilitation Coordinator Dan McConnell reviewed the
Staff Report, noting that the purpose was to give the City
Council an opportunity to hear and pass upon a report submitted
by the City Manager and Community Activist Policing Committee
regarding the cost of abating the public nuisance at 919 W.
Walnut Avenue.  It is also time to hear any objections or
protests.  If the City Council confirms the report of costs,
either as it is submitted or revised, a special assessment may be
levied against the property in such final amount.

The property in question was declared a public nuisance by the
City Council on November 29, 1995, and the owner of the property
was ordered to abate the nuisance by demolition no later than
January 31, 1996.  As of January 22, 1996, Michael and Joyce
Schlegel became the owners of record of the property as a result
of a quit claim deed transfer from the prior owner, Robert
Christensen.  The property ownersí failure to abate the property
by rehabilitation or demolition has caused conditions to worsen.

The CAP Committee has continued to receive complaints of
trespassing, as well as other code violations.  Detectives found
a methamphetamine lab and a quantify of methamphetamine inside
one of the bathrooms.  Three people associated with the lab were
arrested and charged.

On January 31, 1996, the property was secured by the property
owner.  On March 19, 1996, after Units C and D were vacated, the
owners caused the demolition of the property themselves.  The
emergency abatement required of the nuisance conditions on the
property related to the methamphetamine lab and Staff time in
monitoring and assisting with the complete nuisance abatement
resulted in a cost of $5,535.63 incurred by the City.  While
costs were more over the total time period, only those costs
incurred since the new owner of record may be levied.

Chapter 8.12 of the Monrovia Municipal Code authorizes the City
Council to assess all costs incurred in abating a public nuisance
located on real property within the City.  Confirming the cost of
abatement will not result in any cost to the City but rather will
enable the City to recover the costs incurred in abating the
nuisance at 919 W. Walnut Avenue.

Mike Schlegel, owner of 919 W. Walnut Avenue, stated that the
property had been turned over to them on January 22, 1996 by
Robert Christensen and that the property had been demolished as
quickly as was possible.  He stated that he did not feel the
costs of emergency abatement should be levied against him.  City
Attorney Bagneris stated that Mr. Schlegel may want to recover
the costs from the prosecution going on at this time.  He could
hire an attorney or meet with the District Attorney.  She will
provide him with the names of those to contact in the District
Attorneyís office.

It was moved by Ms. Blakely, seconded by Mr. Adams, to adopt
Resolution No. 96-18 confirming the Report of Nuisance Abatement
Costs for the property located at 919 W. Walnut Avenue.

Roll Call: Ayes: Councilmembers Adams, Blakely, McCarville, Mayor
Pro Tem
                    Wilcox and Mayor Bartlett
                    Motion carried: 5-0

*K.  PAYROLL & VOUCHERS: Payroll Nos. 8 and 9 in the net amount
of $270,538.87 and $284,309.96 respectively, and Voucher Numbers
53288 through 53713 nonsequentially in the amount of $992,318.40
was approved by order of the Consent Calendar.


A Closed Session of the Monrovia City Council to discuss Labor
Negotiations, Government Code (54957.6, is scheduled for Tuesday,
May 14, 1996, 7:30 P.M., City Council Conference Room, 415 S. Ivy
Avenue, Monrovia, California.

The next Regular Meeting of the Monrovia City Council is
scheduled for Tuesday, May 21, 1996, 7:30 P.M., Council Chambers,
415 South Ivy Avenue, Monrovia, California.

A Study Session of the Monrovia City Council to discuss the
Fiscal Year 1996-97 Business Cost Study and review City and
Agency Budget issues, is scheduled for Tuesday, May 28, 1996,
7:30 P. M., Council Chambers, 415 South Ivy Avenue, Monrovia,

The next Regular Meeting of the Monrovia City Council is
scheduled for Tuesday, June 4, 1996, 7:30 P. M., Council
Chambers, 415 South Ivy Avenue, Monrovia, California, and will
include Introduction and First Reading of the Business Cost Study
recommendations, Ordinance No. 96-08.

A Study Session of the Monrovia City Council to review
Performance Indicators and Department Goals for the Fiscal Years
1995-97, is scheduled for Tuesday, June 11, 1996, 7:30 P. M.,
Council Chambers, 415 S. Ivy Avenue, Monrovia, California.

Other Business: Mayor Bartlett asked that May 17, 1996 be
proclaimed as ìLetter Carrier Food Collection Dayî so that our
local carriers could participate in the collection of food for
the Unity Center.

It was moved by Ms. Blakely, seconded by Mr. Adams, to consider
the need to take action due to a situation which arose within the
last 72 hours.

Roll Call: Ayes: Councilmembers Adams, Blakely, McCarville, Mayor
Pro Tem
                    Wilcox and Mayor Bartlett
                    Motion carried: 5-0

It was moved by Mayor Bartlett, seconded by Ms. Blakely, to
approve proclaiming May 17, 1996 ìLetter Carrier Food Collection
Dayî with the food being given to the Unity Center.

Roll Call: Ayes: Councilmembers Adams, Blakely, McCarville, Mayor
Pro Tem
                    Wilcox and Mayor Bartlett
                    Motion carried: 5-0

M.  CLOSED SESSION: At 9:50 P.M., Mayor Bartlett announced that
the City Council would recess to a Closed Session to discuss
Pending Litigation, NEWCO Waste Systems, Inc., Government Code
(54956.9(a), and Pending Litigation, People vs. Robert
Christensen, Government Code (54956.9(a).  He also announced that
the City Council would adjourn from Closed Session in memory of
Christine Reed, Santa Monica City Councilmember, and would not
convene back in Council Chambers.

N.  ADJOURNMENT: Closed Session convened at 10:00  P.M. and
adjourned at 11:10 P.M.  All City Councilmembers were in
attendance, with the exception of Ms. Blakely who was not in
attendance for discussion regarding People vs. Robert
Christensen, Government Code (54956.9(a).



                                   Robert T. Bartlett, Mayor


 Linda B. Proctor, CMC, City Clerk