HELD TUESDAY, AUGUST 6, 1996, 7:30 P.M.

CONVENE:  The Regular Meeting of the Monrovia City Council of
Tuesday, August 6, 1996, was convened at 7:39 P.M. in the Council
Chambers by Mayor Robert T. Bartlett.

INVOCATION:  The Invocation was led by Pastor Greg Douglass,
United Methodist Church.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE:  The Pledge of Allegiance was led by
Councilmember Lara L. Blakely.

ROLL CALL:  In attendance were Councilmembers Adams, Blakely,
McCarville, Mayor Pro Tem Wilcox, and Mayor Bartlett.



1.	Recognition of Sharilin Miller, Retiring Community Services
Commissioner:  Ms. Miller was unable to attend.  The presentation
was rescheduled to the Regular City Council Meeting of September
3, 1996.

2.	Recognition of Summer Extravaganza Staff:  With over 500
children enrolled and more on the waiting list, the Summer
Extravaganza Staff has provided an outstanding service to this
community.  Community Services Director April Soash presented a
slide program depicting the program and introduced the Staff.

3.	Recognition of Yost Printers:  Mayor Bartlett presented a
plaque to Darrell Yost, Yost Printers, in recognition of their
generous support and donation of services to the City and
community.  The Yost family has proudly served Monrovia since
1932.  Mayor Bartlett proclaimed August 6, 1996 as "Yost Printers


1.	Proclaiming August 6, 1996, as the Thirteenth Annual
"National Night Out":  Mayor Bartlett proclaimed August 6, 1996
as "National Night Out" against crime in recognition of
Neighborhood Watch and Community Policing programs which really
provide 365 nights out.  Police Chief Joseph Santoro accepted the


A.	CONSENT CALENDAR:  It was moved by Mrs. McCarville,
seconded by Mr. Adams, to approve Consent Calendar Agenda Items
*B, *E-2, *E-3, *F-1, *F-2, *I-2, *I-3, and *K

Roll Call:	Ayes:  Councilmembers Adams, Blakely, McCarville,
Mayor Pro Tem Wilcox and Mayor Bartlett
				Motion carried:  5-0

*B.	MINUTES: The Minutes of the Regular Meeting of July 16,
1996, of the Monrovia City Council were approved by order of the
Consent Calendar.


1.	Foothill Transit Fee Restructuring:  Linda Somilleda,
Foothill Transit, West Covina, informed the City Council that
Foothill Transit would be holding two public meetings in
September to discuss fee restructuring.  She stated that they
wanted as much public input as possible, and that cities and the
public will receive formal notice of the meetings.

2.	Monrovia Cable Usage Corporation (MCUC), KGEM:  Dorothy
Kelty, Chair, MCUC, introduced new Boardmembers Fillmore, Creed,
Marugg, Lutz, and Reyero.  Boardmembers Fernandez, Snyder and Sen
were not in attendance.  Mayor Bartlett congratulated the Board. 
Ms. Kelty reviewed upcoming events.

3.	Challenge to Help Monrovia Schools:  Henry Gray, 139 N
McKinley Place, challenged the City to help the schools.  He also
stated that he moved to Monrovia three years ago and is happy he
chose Monrovia.


Meeting of August 6, 1996, of the Monrovia Redevelopment Agency
Board of Directors was convened by Chairman Robert T. Bartlett at
8:10 P.M. without adjourning the City Council Meeting.

ROLL CALL:  In attendance were Boardmembers Adams, Blakely,
McCarville, Vice-Chairman Wilcox, and Chairman Bartlett.

A.	CONSENT CALENDAR:  It was moved by Mrs. McCarville,
seconded by Mr. Adams, to approve the Consent Calendar consisting
of Agenda Item *B.

Roll Call: 	Ayes:  Boardmembers Adams, Blakely, McCarville,
Vice-Chairman Wilcox, and Chairman Bartlett
		Motion carried:  5-0

*B.	MINUTES:  The Minutes of the Regular Meeting of July 16,
1996, of the Monrovia Redevelopment Agency were approved by order
of the Consent Calendar.

Redevelopment Agency Board Meeting was adjourned at 8:11 P.M. and
the City Council Meeting continued.


1.	Fire Station No. 2 Construction and Site Improvements;
Award of Contract to Pickard Construction, Inc., $703,095.00

Public Works Director Robert Bammes, reviewed the Staff Report.

At long last, the City Council was in a position to consider an
Award of Bid for the contract to construct Fire Station No. 2 at
2055 S. Myrtle Avenue.  On July 25, 1996, Staff received and
opened ten bids ranging from $708,000.00 to a high of
$950,000.00. These bids included all work to complete the fire
station including all necessary site improvements.  In addition,
unit prices were also obtained for various items of work that
could be added or deleted as necessary in order to ensure that
the project could be built within budget.  

After considering all of the bids, two contractors appeared to be
low bidders-- Morillo Construction Company at $708,000.00 and
Pickard Construction, Inc. at $708,500.00.  After considering two
items (fire hydrants and some roof repairs) that could be deleted
and provided at a more effective cost by City Staff, the low bid
was Pickard Construction at $703,095.00.

The architect's estimate to complete all of the construction,
including contingencies, was $748,400.00.  By holding back the
contingency of $60,000.00 for future change orders, the amount
available for Award of Contract was $688,400.00.  Fire Chief
Mitchell agreed to use $14,700.00 from Expenditure Control
Budgeting (ECB) savings to close the gap to the contract amount
of $703,100.00.  $60,000.00 will still be available for future

Public Work's Staff and our architect reviewed and checked
references of Pickard Construction and found that the firm is
reliable and capable of completing the work as outlined.  Based
on an Award of Contract, work could commence on or about August
19, 1996, and would be completed on or before February 19, 1997.

Mayor Bartlett introduced former City Councilmember John Nobrega.
 Mr. Nobrega had been instrumental throughout the years on the
Council in supporting a second fire station.  He thanked the
Council for carrying through.

It was moved by Mrs. Wilcox, seconded by Ms. Blakely, to award a
contract to Pickard Construction, Inc. (12727 E. Philadelphia
Street, Whittier, CA  90601) for the Fire Station No. 2
construction and site improvements in the amount of $703,095.00,
and reject all other bids.

Roll Call:	Ayes:  Councilmembers Adams, Blakely, McCarville,
Mayor Pro Tem Wilcox and Mayor Bartlett
				Motion carried:  5-0

*2.	Motor Fuels; Award of Contract to Mercury Air Group, Inc.,
for Gasoline, $40,000; and to Merrimac Energy Group for Diesel
Fuel, $30,000

This matter was approved by order of the Consent Calendar.  

For the past three years, the City has solicited bids for the
purchase of both diesel and gasoline motor fuels supplied at our
City Yard.  Because the pricing of fuels tends to fluctuate so
much, bids are requested on a "Plus" or "Minus" basis of the Oil
Price Information Service (OPIS).  This is the average pricing
that is published weekly and sets the fuel price levels for all
areas of the County.

The City received four bids with low bids for diesel and gasoline
from two separate companies.  Merrimac Energy Group was the low
bidder on the "Plus" side for diesel fuel at a maximum of
$0.00212 per gallon as a maximum above the average pricing. 
Mercury Air Group, Inc. was the low bid on the "Minus" side of
$0.0364 per gallon as a maximum for gasoline.  This is slightly
better than last year's rate for both gasoline and diesel.

The City has used Mercury Air Group in the past and found their
service to be satisfactory.  The City of Sierra Madre is
currently using Merrimac Energy Group and has found their service
also to be satisfactory.

Of the $120,000.00 that is budgeted for the purchase of vehicle
fuels, $50,000.00 is for Police Department off-site fueling.

Staff recommended an Award of Contract to Mercury Air Group, Inc.
in the amount of $40,000.00 for the purchase of gasoline, and an
Award of Contract to Merrimac Energy Group in the amount of
$30,000.00 for the purchase of diesel fuel.

*3.	  Engineering Services for Bid Specifications of Fuel
System and Security Gate at City Yard; Award of Contract to
Lindmark Engineering, $25,500.00

This matter was approved by order of the Consent Calendar.  

The City currently provides fueling equipment and underground
storage tanks for all of our equipment and vehicles at the City
Yard.  Although this equipment was upgraded in 1990 to meet State
and Federal requirements, the regulations have since been
significantly modified and upgraded and the City is required to
comply with all new standards by December 22, 1996.

The City currently has four separate tanks ranging from 500
gallon waste oil to 10,000 gallon gasoline and diesel fuel tanks.
 The City has set aside $160,000.00 in this year's budget to
complete all of the engineering, removal and installation of new
tanks and equipment plus new security gates to allow after-hour
fueling at the City Yard.  The first step in this process is an
Award of Contract for the engineering services that will meet
State and Federal regulations and provide all the necessary
specifications for the new equipment and storage tanks.  

Staff requested proposals from three firms which have experience
in this type of project.  Two of the three firms were from
Monrovia.  After reviewing the bids for engineering services, the
City Engineer has determined that Lindmark Engineering, San
Fernando, was the low bid at $25,500.00.  

Staff recommended that the City Council award a contract in the
amount of $25,500.00 to Lindmark Engineering for the preparation
of detailed bid specifications for the fuel system and security
gate at Monrovia Corporate Yard and reject all other bids.


*1 ABC License Premise Transfer; Type 47 License, Applebee's
Neighborhood Grill & Bar, 502 W. Huntington Drive; Receive and

This matter was approved by order of the Consent Calendar.

An application has been made to transfer a Type 47 (on-sale
general, restaurant) ABC license for Applebee's Neighborhood
Grill & Bar in the Huntington Oaks Shopping Center.  The Police
Department conducted a background check and found no reason to
recommend any action be taken to deny this application.

*2.	 Denial of Claim; Maurice Bello vs. City of Monrovia;
Claim of Damages for $425.00; Street Maintenance Negligence

This matter was approved by order of the Consent Calendar.

Maurice Bello filed a claim regarding damage to a tire and rim as
a result of running over a pothole on Duarte Road at Mountain
Avenue.  After investigation, it was determined that this
"pothole" was actually a County sewer manhole cover.  Mr. Bello
has been directed to pursue this matter with the Los Angeles
County Sanitation District.

Staff recommended that the City Council deny the claim..


1.	Councilmember Blakely:
	(a)  Public Safety Spectrum Allocation, Resolution No. 96-52:
 She reported that she had requested at the July 16, 1996 City
Council Meeting that the Council discuss and consider a
resolution regarding public safety spectrum allocation, and that
the National League of Cities had adopted a similar resolution. 
She stated that a Commission had been appointed and would publish
a report in September.  However, even before the recommendaions
are made, both sides of the parties are making recommendations of
their own.  She introduced Fire Chief Ernest Mitchell.  Chief
Mitchell stated that he was President of Los Angeles County
Chapter of California Fire Chiefs and that the organization had
been watching this matter, which they refer to as "re-forming"
very closely.  The FCC has already sold off a number of bands,
and the concern is that when sold to private industry, and with
no protection of public safety frequencies, re-selling or leasing
will be very costly.  Local taxpayers then pay for the increases.
 As there aren't enough frequencies now, residents are asked to
contact their representatives prior to September 20, 1996, and
request that decisions be withheld until issues regarding selling
are addressed.

Ms. Blakely noted that the League had formed a subcommittee
chaired by the La Mesa Fire Chief.  She offered Chief Mitchell's
expertise on the subcommittee.

It was moved by Ms. Blakely, seconded by Mr. Adams, to adopt
Resolution No. 96-52. 

Roll Call:	Ayes:  Councilmembers Adams, Blakely, McCarville,
Mayor Pro Tem Wilcox and Mayor Bartlett
				Motion carried:  5-0

	(b)	Recharging of Fire Extinguishers:  She reported that
she had voted for a League resolution regarding the recharging of
fire extinguishers, noting that Fire Chief Mitchell was in
support of extending the period from two years to six years.

2.	Councilmember McCarville:
	(a) 	Library:  She reported that the next Library Dream Teams
meeting was Thursday, and that the Library would be closed for
cleaning the last two weeks in August.
	(b) 	July Food Bank Volunteers:  She thanked the volunteers
who helped fill over 254 bags for the July Food Bank for seniors.
	(c)	Meals-on-Wheels:  She reported that she and her husband
Ray volunteered as drivers for the program as she is on the
Volunteer Board.  She sent out a plea for "couple" drivers, which
works very well for this important program.
	(d)	Berm Landscaping on East Huntington Drive:  She thanked
the Staff for following through on her suggesting for beautifying
the vacant lots on Huntington Drive such as Duarte had done.  She
stated that they landscaping looked very good.

3.	Councilmember Adams:  
	(a)	Waiver of Fees for Non-Profits:  He requested that Staff
agendize a report to consider a waiver of fees for non-profits
such as the Boys & Girls Club, YMCA, Museum, when making
improvements to their buildings which rest on City property. 
Mayor Bartlett noted that Staff needed to look at the impact on
others if the fees were waived.  Mr. Adams asked that the matter
be discussed at the next City Council Meeting.

4.	Mayor Pro Tem Wilcox:
	(a)	Shopping Cart Meeting:  She reported that the meeting
had gone very well and that a second meeting was scheduled for
September.  A list had been compiled to expand the Committee. 
She thanked Alice Campos for her work, and stated that the
suggestions from the first meeting will be compiled into a draft
ordinance or resolution.  She stated that unmarked carts are
picked up by the City and that 49 carts are now at the City Yard.
 She asked that anyone who observes a shopping cart in an area in
which it does not belong to call California Shopping Carts
Retrieval Corporation at 1-800 252-4613.  The marked carts will
be picked up and returned to their owners.  The service serves
other cities and has neglected Monrovia lately.

5.  Mayor Bartlett
	(a)	Recognition of Donation from Resident Paul Ronney:  Mayor
Bartlett reported that the City received a complimentary letter
and $50.00 donation from Mr. Paul Ronney acknowledging the City's
All-America City status. Mayor Bartlett thanked Mr. Ronney for
his generous donation and requested that it be applied to the
Summer Extravaganza Program.  There were no objections.  Mayor
Bartlett stated that if others wanted to donate to the program,
there were 200 more young people on the waiting list now.  Any
donations should be directed to the "Summer Extravaganza Program"
in care of City Hall.



1.	Replacement of Fire Apparatus; Fire Department, Main

Fire Chief Ernest Mitchell reviewed the Staff Report.

The City maintains an equipment replacement fund for all of the
fire engines, ladder trucks, pumpers, and other rolling stock in
the Fire Department based upon the annual life expectancy of each
piece of equipment.  Currently Truck 11, which is a 1981 American
LaFrance Pumper Ladder Truck, is expected to be replaced in
September 1999 at a projected cost of approximately $500,000.00. 

Fire Chief Mitchell recommended that the City Council reconsider
replacing that truck with a like piece of equipment in favor of a
more versatile, more maneuverable engine/pumper.  Based upon the
types of calls for service and the most immediate fire threat to
the community being in our hillside with access from steep,
winding streets, a Class A Pumper would provide much greater
service to the community at roughly half the cost ($270,000.00
estimate).  Based on the fact that the City would still have one
ladder/pumper in reserve, taller buildings and larger industrial
facilities would still be served by this vehicle as well as
mutual aid from the City of Arcadia's ladder truck.

The Chief also recommended that the City Council consider
replacement of this 15-year old piece of equipment now as opposed
to the 1999 date for two very significant reasons.  First, the
older ladder/pumper has become very unreliable. It is in need of
approximately $10,000.00 to $20,000.00 in repairs just to keep it
operational until the projected trade-in date.  Although this
piece of equipment is held in reserve and is the last piece of
equipment to roll to any emergency, its reliability is still of
paramount importance to the Department.

Second, the brokerage company that the City has used in the past
to sell old equipment and purchase new has a buyer for this type
of equipment now at a price nearly double what we had projected
for trade-in (from $35,000.00 to $60,000.00 trade-in).

The economic impact on the City's Equipment Replacement Fund is
very favorable.  The City estimated the replacement cost for the
existing ladder truck at approximately $500,000.00.  This would
be a lease purchase over an estimated 15-18 year life expectancy.
 By trading this truck in now and purchasing the more versatile
and maneuverable Class A engine pumper for approximately
$270,000.00, the Equipment Replacement Fund would be reduced by
$230,000.00 and the same interest rate of 5.79% on the purchase
of the new equipment would be maintained.  The added trade-in
value to move forward now, as opposed to 1999, is a $25,000.00
bonus plus the savings of future repairs.  Ken Nordhoff,
Administrative Services Director, reviewed this proposal and
concurred the fund is sound enough to accelerate the purchase and
receive the benefit of the lower replacement cost and higher
trade-in value.

Based upon the combination of factors providing a higher level of
service to all areas of the community, especially our steeper
hillside neighborhood; reliability of our equipment in the event
of an emergency; significant reduction in the future cost to the
Equipment Replacement Fund and savings of immediate repair cost;
and finally the advantage of a higher trade-in value to
accomplish all of this now as opposed to later, appears to
satisfy all of the basic and emergency public safety requirements
in addition to making good economic sense.  

It was moved by Ms. Blakely, seconded by Mr. Adams, to authorize
the Fire Department to dispose of Truck 11 through the approved
Purchasing, Bidding and Sale of Surplus Property Policy, and to
accelerate the replacement of Truck 11 with a short wheel base
Class A pumper through the approved Purchasing, Bidding and Sales

Roll Call:	Ayes:  Councilmembers Adams, Blakely, McCarville,
Mayor Pro Tem Wilcox and Mayor Bartlett
			Motion carried:  5-0

*2.	 Confirmation of Los Angeles County 1995-96 Weed Clearance

This matter was approved by order of the Consent Calendar.
Each year, the Los Angeles County Department of Agricultural
Commissioner/Director of Weights and Measures identifies
properties around town that contains weeds, brush or rubbish that
constitutes a public nuisance or health and safety concern.  On
February 20, 1996, a Protest Hearing was held at which time no
one spoke either for or against the proposed abatement.

Now that the County has cleared these lots, the charges that will
ultimately be placed on the property tax bills need to be
confirmed.  All affected property owners were notified that the
County would request confirmation of its final cost report at the
August 6, 1996 City Council meeting.  A representative of the
County was present and available to answer any questions.

Staff recommended that the City Council confirm the report of the
Los Angeles County's 1995-96 weed clearance charges for abating
weeds, trash and other debris.

*3.	Set for Public Hearing on August 20, 1996; Historic
Landmark Designations and Mills Act Contracts for 201 East
Greystone Avenue, 173 Highland Place, and 130 North Myrtle Avenue

This matter was approved by order of the Consent Calendar.

The Historic Preservation Commission, at its meetings of June 26,
1996 and July 24, 1996, unanimously recommended approval of
Nomination Statements for Historic Landmark Designations and
Mills Act Contracts for three more homes in Monrovia.  This is a
voluntary program that insures the preservation of notable
historic homes throughout the community.

Staff recommended that a Public Hearing to consider Historic
Landmark Designation and Mills Act Contracts for these three
homes be set for August 20, 1996.


*K.  PAYROLL & VOUCHERS:  Payroll No. 15 in the net amount of
$311,573.29; and Voucher Numbers 54768 through 55019
non-sequentially in the amount of $757,089.70 (July 15, 1996
Report), and Voucher Numbers 55029 through 55443 non-sequentially
in the amount of $689,083.54 (August 1, 1996 Report) was approved
by order of the Consent Calendar. 


The next Regular Meeting of the Monrovia City Council is
scheduled for Tuesday, August 20, 1996, 7:30 P.M., Council
Chambers, 415 South Ivy Avenue, Monrovia, California.

M.  CLOSED SESSION:  The scheduled Closed Session to discuss
Pending Litigation, NEWCO Waste Systems, Inc., Government Code
'54956.9(a). was cancelled as there was no change in the
situation and therefore not necessary to discuss the matter.

N.  ADJOURNMENT:  It was moved by Mrs. McCarville, seconded by
Mrs. Wilcox, to adjourn.  The Meeting adjourned at 8:47 P.M.

							Robert T. Bartlett, Mayor

Linda B. Proctor, CMC, City Clerk