Lectra VR24 | Yamaha Royal Star

Toys 4 Big Boys and Girls took in the Cycle World Bay Area International Motorcycle Show at the San Mateo County Expo Center (December 12-14, 1997), where we came across the Lectra ™ VR24 electric motorcycle. It's developed and manufactured by Electric Motorbike Inc. (EMB) in Sebastopol, CA. The Lectra ™ VR24 is their first model and is sized between a scooter and a motorcycle.

The Lectra™ VR24

It's new motor structure is one of the first commericalizations of the advanced variable reluctance (VR) electric drive system for vehicle for vehicle traction drive applications. The compact, highly efficient motor is combined with EMB's exclusive computer controls to provide a superior performace at a competitive price.

The VR24™ uses a unique electronically assisted braking system that extends vehicle range and preserves brake life by turning the vehicle's kinetic energy into stored electrical energy during braking. It also incorporates anti-lock braking and variety of safety interlock controlls.

The Lectra ™ VR24 battery array

The battery system includes a compact and fully automatic on-board battery charger that is optimized or more than 9,000 miles with proper care and is able to recharge from almost any electrical power outlet. In most, areas a full recharge will cost less than 20 cents! A state-of-Charge (SOC) meter tracks the level of stored energy. If The Lectra ™ runs lowo on energy, a reserve fuel mode can be intitiated by the rider to reach a power outlet for recharging.


0-30 mph

5 seconds

Top Speed

45 mph


(30-0 mph) 17 ft

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