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(URLy2Day-Front-Page) URLy Today(sm)

URLy Today is a variety production that covers a broad range of changing timely topics and features ranging from:

the highly opionated solutions to our government's problems offered by author Standing Pat to
Inspired new ideas for programs will be presented in URLy Today first to see how our audiences respond. You never know what stimulating and provocotave new concept for Web programming you may discover here.

(Multinationals-Front-Page) Multinationals(sm)

Most people think of "multinationals" as companies but individuals can be multinationals, too. Business people, Peace Corps volunteers, missionaries, traveling students, and teachers are all multinationals. They "invest" internationally by contributing ideas, buying stock, spending and lending money, and sometimes rendering free service to a community. This production will feature multinationals involved in the stuff that binds people together regardless of geopolitical boundaries. We'll depict transcultural social and economic developments. We'll explore adventure, romance, and commerce. And, we'll reveal hidden opportunities for multinationals. Participant interaction will be emphasized.

(Toys4BigBoys-Front-Page) Toys 4 Big Boys & Girls(sm)

Toys' focus is on special planes, sports and exotic cars, elegant motorcycles, yatchs and islands in the sun. The audience is introduced a selection of the best, most interesting, most advanced new items in each category through editorials and interviews. Developments in the field will be lauded or deplored, as appropriate. Frequent interviews with trend-setting personalities offer the audience opportunities for discussion and comment through chats and messages.

(ARTdacious-Front-Page) ARTdacious (sm)

ARTdacious exhults in things, people and events that push the creative envelope of our society. Open your horizons. Be in on the front wave of trends in society. Read customized news of the latest in the Fine Arts, Music, the Performing Arts and Digital Arts. Follow links to experience some of the most stimulating sites on the web.

(Awakened-Eye-Front-Page) Awakened Eye(sm)

Awakened Eye offers a potpourri of cutting edge subjects selected for their potential to enlighten and challenge the audience, as the name suggests. Some of these subjects will mature into their own productions after a suitable incubation period.

(Home Home Town(sm)

As people move away from problems found in impersonal big cities, we are rediscovering why life in small cities and towns is valued. Home Town will chronicle what makes community and what gives that population a sense of responsibility for their own fates and the welfare of others. In the communities we'll describe, one feels at home. There is a sense of people with a vision, of people willing to assume responsibility for solutions. You may even come across solutions that will work in your community as we hear from Home Towns across the continent.

(DracoSpace-Front-Page) DracoSpace(sm)

DracoSpace is a serialized epic sci-fi tale of the journey of the Ti'Anti, or The Ancients, who are once again forced to flee their home planet as their sun goes nova. It is stunningly illustrated with original digital space art from the Art of Draco Space. (Webmaster's note: we've notice that we have returning fans from university astronomy departments, government agencies and aircraft engineering departments. We know that we're hooked, how about you?)

(Pillion-Front-Page) Pilllion (sm)

Pillion provides visitors a complete resource for their equestrian Internet needs, offering a compendium of over 1800 web listings on horses. Pillion has achieved international notice as an unequaled database for the net rider. Pillion is still in development with more features to come.

(Events) Events

Check the Events area regularly for information and scheduling for Realtime Special Events and Topical Live Chats. Included here are links to Archived Past Events including the logs of their accompanying Chats and message boards.

(Chat) URLy Chat

Every one is invited to join in to the URLyChat Open Chat Room and URLyChat Open Forum.

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The message forums can function as a live chat if more that one person is logged on at the same time. Send your friends email and make a date to meet here for a chat.

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Check out our Events Page for scheduled moderated Live Chats on specific topics.

Many of our programs have chat pages of their own. You can access these from inside each program.


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