Executive Producer _________ George Thornally

Producers for:

Awakened Eye _____________ George Thornally
Artdacious _______________ Stephanie Schoelzel
DracoSpace _______________ Kent Fillmore
Multinationals ___________ Olivier Klink
Pillion __________________ Pillion Productions
Toys 4 Big Boys __________ Moving Parts Productions
URLy Today _______________ Stephanie Schoelzel

Concept and
Production Design ________ Kent Fillmore
__________________________ Stephanie Schoelzel
Awakened Eye _____________ Yong Mao

Writer ___________________ David Donnelly
Writer ___________________ Blake Field
Writer ___________________ Honey Kraft
Writer ___________________ Niki London
Writer ___________________ Francesca Nickles
Writer ___________________ Jan Shepherd
Writer ___________________ Jill Stone

Editor ___________________ Karla Maree

Art Director _____________ Stephanie Schoelzel
Technical Director _______ Olivier Klink
Technical Producer _______ Position Open
Media Relations __________ Niki London
Quality Control __________ Mike Bailey

Internet Services ________ ACCESS PRESTO!
Network Services _________ KeyTech Centers, Inc.

Contact information:

Executive Producer, George Thornally: 408.730-0341 (voice)
Media Relations, Niki London: 408.730-0341 (voice)
Operations: 800.887.9598 (voice)
E-mail: info_URLySylke@urly.com
URL: http://www.urly.com/

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