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Date: August 19, 1996
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URLy Raises Sylikon Curtain on MetaMedia Theatre

Addison, Ontario, Canada‹August 19 - Author Kurt Vonnegut, known to millions of readers and television viewers for his powerful and original insights into the human condition shared the stage with ancient goddesses, artists and visionaries as URLy Sylke, a Delaware corporation with ties to Silicon Valley today raised the curtain on its global Meta Media Theatre of arts, sciences and culture.

Announcing the first ever Internet site to marry literature, ideas, art and culture with practical WWW Box Office considerations, President George Thornally, who was the driving force behind America Online's Macintosh Communications Forum before leaving to devote full time to his own information services company said URLy Sylke's productions are designed to offer a one-stop address that covers the works and thoughts of humanity as expressed through the electronic media.

"It's one thing to open another show on the Great White CyberWay but quite another to have it pay for itself," he said. "We believe millions of WWW users are looking for meaningful content and ways of interacting with others of like mind. That's why URLy Sylke offers a blend of familiar names and symbols with dynamic content in a fashion that attracts users to the site and helps them find their way around once they get there.That provides the "visitor" numbers that draw advertisers bolting from the traditional media in search of new marketing opportunities," he said.

"URLy Sylke is not just another access ramp to the Global Infobahn - there are thousands of those ­ it's a drive-in Memory Palace where travellers on the Global Information Highway can rest a while in order to enjoy the world's best in entertainment, culture, literature and intellectual stimulation while exploring the full dimensions of their shared humanity," he said.

URLy's Executive Producer Kent Fillmore, who was the first "producer" for America Online, emphasized "Sylke" represents a living process of computer-aided human access to the world's digitized sum of knowledge and experience. The idea that Americans share a common ground with other people around the world may sound like a radical notion, but the Internet, because it breaks down the distinctions between readers and writers, viewers and producers while eliminating the historic barriers of time and space separating the world's peoples is the most democratic medium in history. URLy Sylke will employ this powerful new medium to advance the cause of world understanding," he said.

Can a company run like this be successful financially? If track records and successful.past achievements are anything to go on ­ You bet! George Thornally and Kent Fillmore conjured up URLy Sylke after years of playing with other business ventures including various online forums and services for America Online. As independently successful network service providers, they knew they could develop bigger, better and more interesting projects if they pooled their resources with other creative entrepreneurs.

Thornally sums it up, "We reached the point where we knew that something entirely new and different ­ not just another technical pit stop was required on the Internet and at that point we realized that our jobs had started to become a lifestyle. By simply sharing this idea with others around the world the success of the project is assured.

The URLy Sylke theatre includes the kind of imaginary locations that Kurt Vonnegut calls Wampeters, beautiful or remarkable places with mysterious magnetic powers that attract people into Karrasses or loosely knit mental coalitions of common interest centered on an attractive or interesting site and a compelling idea.There are many such Wampeters in URLy Sylke's Meta Media Theatre including one where Mnemosyne, the Goddess of Memory presides.

The name URLy derives from the Internet's Universal Resource Locator URL - a Web mnemonic for the link to a resource or digitized information somewhere on the Internet. Sylke from the stuff dreams and webs are woven from and Meta Media from the fact that in cyberspace we are operating in the domain of quantum physics where the universe becomes "a great thought" and things, people and places can be in different places at the same time.

On one level URLy Sylke is one of the newest and most exciting addresses on the WWW and on the other a carefully stocked Emporium of arts and ideas. There you'll find not only authors, artists, and thinkers, but a global community of like minded travellers on the Infobahn eager to discuss cultural issues with well known writers, artists, musicians, film makers and multimedia designers as well as other informed and opinionated mental pilgrims. URLy Sylke provides the meeting place or Wampeter as Vonnegut calls it. The Karass belongs to you.

The URLy Sylke Meta Media Theatre appeals to an upbeat and growing demographic - a broad age range of people who are educated, motivated and have disposable annual income in excess of $60,000 who consider asset accumulation and retirement savings to be their most important goals. URLy Sylke's 1996 - 97 season includes the following features, personalities, productions and projects:

Mnemosyne - The Goddess of Memory and MIS managers whose mission is "To Instruct and Inspire" mother of the Pierides or Muses. Mnemosyne will present monthly offerings from The Muses in including the arts, the sciences,
current events, and history. This quarter Mnemosyne features her daughter Urania.

DracoSpace ­ World's beyond time, spaces beyond imagination. "We are called Ti'Anti, or The Ancients. Our home world was A'attra orbiting our star, our sun."...and so the tales from DracoSpace begin. The Ti'Anti embark on a long
voyage to a distant point in uncharted intergalatic space. Now we can ride along through the most distant reaches of our galaxy and beyond. Each week, the Ti'Anti will explore new worlds, seen for the first time by their race.

SIRIUS is the thinly disguised title of a tale in several installments written by a renown author who lived in another time. The first ten people who can identify: the name of the author; the name of the story; the name of two of the author's most prominent works and the period in which the author lived will receive a coupon entitling the holder to a valuable purchase online. "We welcome your original story or suggestions for stories to be serialized here. If we use your story or suggestion, you will receive a reward."

Kurt Vonnegut's God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater will be made into a Broadway Musical.This production will capitalize on a number of opportunities for interactive audience participation in connection with the play. The production will celebrate Vonneguts' incomparable imagination and morality.

Home Town ­ Visit various cities and towns around the world selected for a most desirable style and quality of living. The first of our Home Towns to be featured is located 20 miles northeast of Los Angeles in the foothills of the San Gabriel mountains. Monrovia, designated an "All American City," is over 100 years old and has been called the last middle-America town on the West Coast.

Multinationals - Most people think of "multinationals" as companies but individuals can be multinationals, too. Business people, Peace Corps volunteers, missionaries, traveling students and teachers are all multinationals. They "invest" internationally by contributing ideas, buying stock, lending money, and sometimes rendering free service to a community. This production will feature multinationals involved in the stuff that binds people together regardless of geopolitical boundaries. "We'll depict transcultural social and economic developments. We'll explore adventure, romance, and commerce. And, we'll
reveal hidden opportunities for multinationals. Participant interaction will
be emphasized."

Awakened Eye - Awakened Eye offers a potpourri of subjects, some of which will mature into productions in their own right after a suitable incubation period. The cutting edge subjects in this production are selected for their potential to enlighten and challenge the audience, as the name suggests.

Upcoming productions, after evaluation and selection, will be included in the next quarter's offerings. One such production coming soon is "Toys for Big Boys and girls." URLy Sylke's immediate goal isTwelve productions more or less to make a full complement.

For further information or details about advertising, how to become a producer or investment opportunities contact:

Executive Producer, Kent Fillmore: 818.357.4779 (voice)
Media Relations, George Thornally: 408.730-0341 (voice)
Operations: 800.887.9598 (voice)
Email inquiries about Sylke Productions:
Kent Fillmore: draco@urly.com
George Thornally: george@urly.com
URL: http://www.urly.com

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