What people are saying about this book

"Everyone who reads AOL BY GEORGE! will come away with a deeper sense of what it means to be human in a world increasingly governed by technology that can often be dehumanizing."
            — Guy Kawasaki, CEO, Garage.com.

"Here's how a tight group of online pioneers created a virtual neighborhood which now transcends political, social, and economic strata."
            — Cliff Stoll, Astronomer, Author of The Cuchcoo's Egg and Silicon Snake Oil.

"I'm drawn to books that capture snippets of online culture and history rather than those that offer snapshots of rapidly changing technology. This is such a book.. George was an early part of AOL culture, privy to the myriad growing pains of that unique community, and offers insights into the transition from geek chat 'n download resource to the key social focus of millions of lives."
            — Steven K. Roberts, Nomadic Research Labs — Microship developer, and author of Computing Across America.

"AOL BY GEORGE! Is an intriguing story of the origins of online service by a pioneer in the trenches."
            — Paul Wyman, PhD, President, JobTime, Inc., San Mateo, California.

"Most books you read and forget, some you will remember, AOL BY GEORGE! is a book I shall always remember."
            — Danny Haynes, AOL Forum Leader (retired), Phoenix, Arizona.

"A human book dealing with a nerdy subject."
            — Jane Perkins, Bookstore Owner (retired), Lake Oswego, Oregon.

"George's book is not only about electronically mediated human relationships. It's also about our relationship with the world; perhaps, someday, the galaxy At the core, I think, it's about expanding our respective world views so that we can see, understand, respect, accept, embrace, and recognize our power to change, grow, adapt, and win some victory for humanity."
            — Katharine J. Kleine, Editor, Danville, California.

"AOL BY GEORGE! is a breezy narrative, like Kerouac online, without drugs and with better grammar."
            — David Donnelly, Filmmaker, Boise, Idaho.

"George is a pioneer in the discovery and struggles among physical reality, virtual reality and the soul"
            — Sam Farry, MBA, Faculty, Pepperdine, Malibu Campus, California.

"AOL BY GEORGE! should be required reading for all would-be entrepreneurs, and certainly for anyone with an ISP account and e-mail! To demystify a corporate facade by placing a company's evolution in the context of individual lives lived within an historic continuum is chimichangas with extra salsa—the spice of life! Well done!"
            — Mark Thornally, Digital Artist, Silicon Valley.

ISBN 0-9675411-0-7    © 1999

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