AOL BY George! will entertain you and also be a suitable gift for a particular friend or colleague who is tentative about using e-mail or becoming involved with the net. By all means, give the book to those whom you think spend too much time working or playing online. There is valuable information here for them as well. It will prolong their lives! It will also have an empowering affect on those who are concerned about a cyberspace in our future.

What's next? Geroge is writing two serious works. One, tentatively titled Baron, is a never-before-told, true-life adventure about an entrepreneur of the last century who worked to bring water to irrigate the Imperial Valley of California and got a sea of salt for his efforts.

The other, VIRGIN, The Mystery of Amos Virgin, combines a love story with a compelling mystery.

ISBN 0-9675411-0-7    © 1999

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