A Producer Who Doesn't Know Any Better

Producer Bruce Campbell has a history of never giving up on a project once he decides that He's going to dedicate himself to the proposition of making it happen or else.

When he took on the making of a film called THE PICASSO SUMMER with such personalities as Pablo Picasso, Ray Bradbury, Albert Finney, Yvette Mimieaux, Serge Bourguignon, Yul Brynner, Lois Muguel Dominguin, Michel Legrand, Vilmos Zigmund, and Barbara Streisand . . . it took him two million dollars and three years to bring a production together in the late sixties. Part of the story involoved the full animation of Picasso's Art. Campbell was forever told that the notion was not feasible, but he went ahead and did it anyway.

When he took on Dalton Trumbo and the motion picture adaptation of TRumbo's famous anit-war prize winner, JOHNNY GOT HIS GUN, he was warned that it was "unfilmable". But, again, he made it into a film and won awards and critical acclaim.

In 1974 he wrote, produced and directed Steve Martin's first film, but nobody thought it was funny until years later.

Now once more Campbell is determined to make a movie, and dare the odds. This time it's novelist Rita Mae Brown's cult-classic about a young girl coming of age in the best seller, RUBYFRUIT JUNGLE. Once more people are telling him that it's going to be very difficult to bring this delicate tale to life on the big screen. As per usual, he is not deterred.

Campbell has acquired the rights to the novel, written the screenplay, prepared the budget and devised a presentation of the material which is encased in a gigantic and elegant carrying case replete with over three million dollars worth of glistening, red rubies.

RUBYFRUIT JUNGLE represents another challenge, and , as he puts it:

"This is one genuine gem of a property . . . a very real jewel."
What attracted Campblell to the novel is the very uniquie quality of the work . . . as he says:
"RUBYFRUIT JUNGLE is Rita Mae's expression for female genitialia, and that alone should make the translation of her story into a movie the most unusual project I've ever undertaken."

Being different isn't really so different.

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