The Price of Inspired Creativity

Bruce Campbell's mile-a-minute mind left many people admiring but bewildered. He rode in front of the wave of cultural trends, more often by hard won example, showing the route that all others would soon find themselves on. Inspired projects and talent that he saw clearly in their earliest appearance later became resoundingly acclaimed by all much later on. In a country other than the United States he would have been named and supported as a national artistic treasure.

In this exerpt from Dick Shawn's last, one-man play, "Second Greatest Entertainer", (produced by Bruce) Dick seems to be speaking to Bruce and all like minds.

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(DShawn1.MOV-4.9MB - approx.45min download at 28.8)

While Bruce's enthusiastically creative approach to the pursute of projects that he believed should happen might seem to jar somewhat with Vonnegut's bemused view of the world, Bruce immediately recognized a kindredship in another mind with it's own unique perceptive ability.


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