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This section is reserved to authorized organizations and individuals who have subscribed to customized Information Services.
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Further explanation of Subscription Services:

Subscription services are Information Services that a particular organization requires for its employees or members. These services fall into two categories - customized and packaged.

Customized Information Services, for example, might be confidential patient records that are made available to doctors belonging to a particular HMO. The HMO supplies the records to InfoServe which organizes them and in turn makes them available to authorized doctors who access the records from InfoServe's Private Access section.

Packaged Information Services, for example, might be a particular set of documents, reports, news or other timely information proprietary to URLy Sylke that will be made available for distribution by InfoServe to certain subscribers.

In addition to the examples above, InfoServe will also provide a variety of confidential services. Some examples below -

Facilitated meetings via private "live" chats

Private "Forums" for meetings, group work, scheduling and decision making

Private interactive message base for discussion of sensitive subjects

Confidential information to employees about their particular benefits

Confidential customer information

Confidential vendor information

Private sessions for training of employees, indoctrination of members, and testing of students.

- and much more

For direct inquiries email: Accounts Manager at URLy Sylke Productions.
Voice: 408.730.0341 - FAX: 408.481-9192

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