Labor Force

Other Services.........13.0%

Not Classified.........17.4%

Total Employment 19,738

Business Establishments 1,750

Industrial/Manufacturing 200

Taxable Sales: $388,397,000


The closure of the 1993-94 financial records and completion of the annual audit revealed the budget actions taken in the past three years have allowed the City to remain in sound fiscal condition. The Finance Department was recognized for Excellence in Financial Reporting by the National Finance Officers' Association.

The City Council took steps to codify its financial practices by adopting 14 principles of financial management. The region has begun to show signs of economic recovery. For the first six months of fiscal year 1994-95, sales taxes, motor vehicle licensing fees, and hotel occupancy taxes have increased over the levels of previous years. Full recovery will probably not be felt until fiscal year 1995-96.

Commerce and Industry

Manufacturing Companies Non-Manufacturing Companies

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