425 S. Myrtle Ave.

Monrovia, CA 91016
(818) 305-1377

Without a coffee, even the best meal is little better than a fairy tale.

Entertainment Schedule:

Friday,   March 29: ... Steven Farrell & Friends
Friday,   April 05: ... Jim Marshall and Co.
Saturday, April 06: ... Cody Bryant

Weekly Coffee Specials:

           Regular        Flavored             Decaf
Monday    |Ranch        |Maple Walnut         |Paradise
Tuesday___|Guatemala____|Hawaiin Hazelnut_____|Colombian
Wednesday |Carribean    |Chocolate Macademia  |French Riviera
Thursday__|Dark Tropics_|Butterscotch Toffee__|Java Estate
Friday    |Costa Rica   |Vienna Cinnamon      |Paradise
Saturday__|Paradise_____|Vanilla Nut__________|Colombian
Sunday    |Kenya AAA    |Toasted So. Pecan    |French Riviera

A relaxed and convivial atmosphere makes Beantown one of the best coffee spots in Monrovia.


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