Certified Public Accountants
A Limited Liability Partnership

Andersen, Horie & Company is an established certified
public accounting firm that provides tax, financial, management,
accounting, and bookkeeping services to a variety of clients. Our
clients are privately owned businesses, professionals, and select
individuals with unique financial situations requiring in-depth

We offer an important management resource in the form of
personalized professional service. Our services begin by
obtaining a thorough understanding of your operation, your plans,
and your goals. We work closely with you to identify and satisfy
your most critical business needs. Our goal is to establish a
long-term client relationship by providing as many or as few
services as you determine are necessary to help you maximize your
profits and meet your objectives.


We are a company built on a philosophy of professionalism and
quality service. Large companies can afford to meet the complex
demands of today's business environment by hiring their own
full-time staff of financial and accounting specialists. Most
privately owned businesses cannot afford this luxury, even though
they face the same complex government regulations, capital needs,
investment uncertainties and complicated tax rules. Andersen,
Horie & Company is able to provide the unique personal
service that small and medium sized companies need to succeed in
today's complicated financial environment.


We can provide sound, innovative tax advice that will minimize
taxes for you, your business, and your key personnel. We can
assist in analyzing financial strategies, advise you of tax
ramifications, and suggest improvements. We make sure tax saving
opportunities and new developments are brought to your attention
and help you avoid the pitfalls hidden in the complexity of the
mounds of governmental rules and regulations.

We ensure that you know which business structure -
proprietorship, partnership, or corporation - works best to
minimize your taxes. We can advise you on how to plan
transactions and structure contracts to save taxes. Your
accounting needs depend on your company size, your industry, and
the requirements of outsiders; such as, the IRS, bankers, and

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