Featuring the Newton Line
129 E. Colorado Blvd., Suite 419 Monrovia, CA 91016
PH/FAX: (626) 358-5086

Wilbur George joined the NEWTON MANUFACTURING COMPANY'S nationwide team
of representatives in November, 1975, as his retirement activity after
closing his twenty-two-year-old partnership display manufacturing company in
Monrovia, California.

After listing himself in the yellow pages, first under W and then under N, he
saw the need to beat the competition by devising a name that would put him at
the top of the list; hence, by George, he instigated the name of AD
SPECIALTIES... "by George!"

A long time member and Ambassador of the Monrovia Chamber of Commerce, George
is enjoying his 20th anniversary in the Specialties Advertising field. He
primarily serves a select clientele in Monrovia and throughout the East San
Gabriel Valley...though also reaching out into Los Angeles and Orange County,
as well.

"At age 75, I limit myself to quietly but diligently
servicing the many devoted customers I have built up over the
years...although I do enjoy the new ones who are mostly
referred to me. I thoroughly enjoy attending the chain of
supplier trade shows to find new things to present to my
customers. Because of the reciprocal devotion between 'me and
them,' I am often able to spot an item that is just right for a
particular client even before they see it."

"Being 'too old' to be computer literate, I do very well with my
versatile Word Processor and a Graphic Artist associate. In
addition, my ASI-programmed microfiche allows me to search the
entire industry to order samples and render quotes at a moment's

"My background in the arts and promotional display gives me
a distinct advantage in this field over many a George!"

AD SPECIALTIES... "by George!" specializes in anything you can put
a logo and message on, such as calendars, wearables, writing instruments,
novelties, signs, labels, decals, executive gifts, balloons, and party

Stock or custom!


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