Bailey/Thornally Inc./URLy Sylke

     => Developed  marketing strategy for the Internet based up
        technology changes, and consumer desire, through the
        year 2005.
     => Designed a new conceptual information presentation format
        based up HyperText Markup Language, The World Wide Web,
        and the concept of additional bands of information,
        within the constraints of current technology. 

InterPlay Corporation, Irvine, CA

     => Graphic Design Team Leader
           Designed first working three dimensional Graphic User
     => SysOp Training & Certification
	       Created an implementation plan for sourcing, training,
        and certifying online customer service and game management 
        sysops for Interplay's online service.
     => Online Service Management
	       Developed procedures that coordinate with such commercial 
        services as Interplay may contract with to provide content. 
        Plan regular events and promotions, and assure qualified and 
        trained remote staff are placed to manage assigned products
        and events.

 StarWave Corporation, Bellvue, WA

     => Responsible for creating policies and procedures for 
        three new online services.
     => Assist in the development of marketing strategies and 
        identify and define strategic alliances.

 eWorld, Apple Online Services, Apple Inc. Cupertino, CA

     => Responsible for contracting Macintosh, third party
        vendors, for participation on eWorld's vendor support 
        area, "Straight To The Source"
     => Oversee the day-to-day management of Straight to The
        Source including; promotions, event development and
        scheduling, and maintenance.
     => Promote "Straight To The Source" in the online

 Intuit, Palo Alto, CA

     => Created strategy for opening Intuit Inc.
        support and marketing forums on the major online services: 
        CompuServe; Prodigy; America Online; GEnie; (Internet?); 
     => Provide extensive study on the information service
        environment including expansive, competitive/comparative
        study between services.
     => Provide recommendations and time frames for implementation
        of project phases.
     => Assist in writing in-house manual for each service.
     => Locate, qualify, and hire volunteer (off line) staff.

San Jose Mercury News

     => Assist in developing marketing material and policies for 
        upcoming "Mercury Center" on America Online.

America Online

     => Designed, developed, staffed, and managed the Computing
        & Software Forums for two online networks: America Online
        (Apple II), and America Online (Macintosh)
     => Developed guidelines for contracted system operators for
        the management of the Computing & Software Forums.
     => Regular analysis of Computing Forum usage and
     => Provided daily planning and direction for online staff,
        and weekly event programming.

GEnie. Rockville, MD

     => Responsible for managing the day-to-day events in the
        Macintosh RoundTable, MacPro (Developer's) RoundTable,
        and Macintosh Product Support RoundTable.
     => Establish liaisons with Macintosh related companies and
        expand the existing Macintosh information and services 
        available to GEnie's Macintosh userbase.
     => Plan events and promotions in the Macintosh RoundTables,
        and supervise their execution.
     => Managed 52 established contracts for computing related
        RoundTables on the network.
     => Developed, created, and contracted new computing related
     => Formulated and implemented direct and third party
        marketing promotions.
     => Tracked and analyzed product usage figures.
     => Responsible for managing the day-to-day events in the
        Apple II RoundTable, A2Pro (Developer's) RoundTable, 
        ProTree Product Support RoundTable, Apple/Mac User Group 
        RoundTable, A+ Magazine RoundTable, and the GEnie SysOp's 
     => Establish liaisons with Apple II related companies and
        expand the existing Apple II information and services 
        available to GEnie's Apple II userbase.
     => Plan events and promotions in the Apple II RoundTables,
        and supervise their execution.
     => Manage online staff for contracted RoundTables.


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