Federally Approved Electronic Court Reporting and Transcriptions

Specializing in electronically taped court proceedings, depositions,
interviews, undercover body recordings, and business meetings. Taping and
transcribing capability for any need on a cassette tape. Daily and expedited
services available.

* Fast and Accurate
* ASCII/WordPerfect Diskettes Available
* Deposition Audio Taping and Transcribing
* Deposition Audio Tapes Available
* Compatible with Videotaping and Transcribing
* Notaries Public
* Highly Competitive Pricing

Northwest Transcripts
California Division, Mary Ann Lutz
100 West Lemon Ave., Suite #103
Monrovia, CA 91016
(818) 303-1113, FAX (818) 303-7883

Electronic Court reporting has been utilized for over twenty-five 
years in the federal court system. Features of Electronic 
Court Reporting include:

   The  benefits of Electronic Court Reporting are many, be it for court

proceedings, deposition, declarations, or business meetings.

For more information write to:
Mary Ann Lutz,


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