HELD TUESDAY, MARCH 5, 1996, 7:30 P.M.

CONVENE: Prior to the City Council Meeting, a Study Session of
the Monrovia Redevelopment Agency to discuss "Alternative Housing
Strategies" from 7:00 P.M. to 7:35 P.M. in  the City Council
Conference Room. All Boardmembers were in attendance with the
exception of Chairman Bartlett who was excused.  The Regular
Meeting of the Monrovia City Council of Tuesday, March 5, 1996,
was convened at 7:40 P.M. in the Council Chambers by Mayor Pro
Tem Mary Wilcox.

INVOCATION:  The Invocation was led by Richard Sullender, First
Baptist Church.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE:  The Pledge of Allegiance was led by
Councilmember Tom Adams.

ROLL CALL:  In attendance were Councilmembers Adams, Blakely,
McCarville and Mayor Pro Tem Wilcox. Mayor Bartlett. was excused.


1.  Acceptance of Community Policing Ribbons and Certificates;
Monrovia Police Department:  Police Chief Joe Santoro recognized
the City Council for its continuing support of Community Activist
Policing in Monrovia, and presented each with CAP Ribbons and
Certificates.  Chief Santoro noted that a ceremony had recently
been held to recognize out citizens and Police, Fire and other
personnel for their successful efforts.  CAP (Community Policing
Program) was activated on April 4, 1990.
Since that time over 32 neighborhoods have been improved.

2.  Introduction of Facilities Manager Dennis Shiflett: Public
Works Director Bob Bammes introduced Dennis Shiflett, formerly
with the City of Beverly Hills.  Mr. Bammes reviewed Mr.
Shiflettís past accomplishments and present strengths, noting he
was bringing thirteen years of experience with a wide range of
knowledge with him to Monrovia.  Mayor Pro Tem Wilcox welcomed
Mr. Shiflett to the Monrovia family.

3.  Announcement of Opening of 1996-97 Family Festival; David
Gayman, Monrovia Old Town Merchants Association:  Mr. Gayman
announced that  March 8th was the kick-off of Family Festival
ë96.  The Festival will run through December 20, 1996.  He
presented a basket of fresh fruit and vegetables from the Old
Town Merchants Association and the Certified Farmers.

4.  Acceptance of 1995 All-America City Plaque; National Civic
League (NCL):  Charlotte Schamadan presented  plaque received
from the National Civic League in recognition of Monroviaís
All-America City (AAC) status.  She read the letter from the NCL

which accompanied the plaque, noting that if the 1996 AAC winners
were invited to the White House for special presentations,
Monrovia and the other 1995 winners would also be invited.

5.  Acceptance of Membership Cards; Monrovia Cable Usage
Corporation:  Mimi Mency presented membership cards to the City
Council and announced the upcoming election of new Directors.
She introduced Chris Baker, the first official voting member.
She stated that anyone who lives or owns a business in Monrovia
may become a member.  Those members of record as of March 11,
1996 may vote in the upcoming election.  Ballots will be sent on
March 12 and must be returned by March 31, 1996.  Mrs. Mency
explained the March 1, 1996, hour long, live broadcast by KGEM
regarding the proposed movie theater in the downtown.  Viewers
were able to call the station during the broadcast to give their
opinions on the project.  She stated that it was very successful,
and that KGEM is soliciting suggestions from its viewers for an
April live broadcast.

Rivera reported on activities at Monrovia High School.

A.  CONSENT CALENDAR:  It was moved by Mrs. McCarville,  seconded
by Mr. Adams, to approve Consent Calendar Agenda Items *B, *I-4,

Roll Call:		Ayes: Councilmembers Adams, Blakely, McCarville
and Mayor Pro Tem Wilcox
		Excused:  Mayor Bartlett Motion carried:  4-0

*B.  MINUTES:  Minutes of the Regular Meeting of February 20,
1996 of the Monrovia City Council were approved by order of the
Consent Calendar.


1.  Leadership Academy:  Charlotte Schamadan, 301 N. Oakcliff
Road, provided an update of the Academy which is sponsored by the
Monrovia Chamber of Commerce.  She reported that Monrovia Unified
School District will present its information to the sixteen
Academy students on March 12, 1996.  She stated that the Academy
meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays.  There is a waiting list
for a second class.

2.  New Gas Company Representative:  Gabriel Monares introduced
himself as the new District Manager of the Southern California
Gas Company, located in El Monte.

3.  Monrovia Schools Foundation (MSF):  Ellen Lavin, President,
MSF, announced the March 15, 1996 fundraiser for the Foundation
at Monrovia High School.  She encouraged the City Council to
participate in the Variety Show as an act.  She introduced Ken
Silverman, Project Director of "Technology Learning Centers
(TLC)", a project whose goal is to equip all MUSD schools with
portable new-technology units.  Funds and technology components
for the project are being solicited within and outside of
Monrovia.  The cost per unit is $5000.00, and the goal is to
secure at least fifteen units.

4.  Rotary Club of Monrovia:  Rob Hammond, 619 S. Myrtle Avenue,

presented two checks to the City Council from the Rotary Club.  A
check for $1500.00 is to be used for Rotary Park improvements,

and a check for $500.00 is to be used for the Community Services

Spring Egg Hunt.  Mr. Hammond also requested that Staff consider

Rotaryís proposal to place a  Memorial Rock in the park  on May
27, 1996 which would be dedicated to the eight Monrovians who
gave their lives for our country during the Viet Nam war. D.

1.  Amendment to Monrovia Municipal Code, Title 17 (Zoning), to
Establish Regulations for Outside Installation of Publicly
Accessible Telephones; Introduction and First Reading, Ordinance

No. 96-03

Assistant Director of Community Development/Planning Division
Manager reviewed the Staff Report.

On February 14, 1996, the Planning Commission recommended
approval of a code amendment for the regulation of the
installation of outdoor publicly accessible telephones.
Currently, the Municipal Code does not address this issue.  The
proposed ordinance allows

the Development Review Committee the ability to review and
approve such requests.

The primary issues involving publicly accessible telephones are
design, site planning and the potential for public nuisance.  An

improperly placed, outside pay phone can have a negative effect
on design, parking and landscape/hardscape.  In addition, the
Police Department has had numerous problems associated with the
outside pay telephones, including loitering, drug sales and
prostitution. The telephones become gathering places for such
activities and may constitute a nuisance.

The Development Review Committee would review requests for such
installation and approve or disapprove them based on location,
proximity to other phones, potential for vandalism and misuse,
call blocking. removal authority, and design.  This is a simple
process for review where currently none exists.

Ms. Blakely expressed her opinion that the large majority of
citizens who use the telephone for incoming calls are paying for
the few who abuse the service.  In answer to Ms. Blakelyís
concern regarding

finding telephones that permit incoming calls, Mr. Kastenbaum
stated that the telephones incapable of receiving calls would be
clearly identified by  prominent signage, readable from the
street by a driver of an automobile.

Public Hearing Opened and Closed:  Mayor Pro Tem Wilcox opened
and closed the Public Hearing as there was no one who wished to
speak for or against the matter.

It was moved by Mrs. McCarville, seconded by Mr. Adams, to find
that the proposed ordinance would not have a significant impact
on the environment and adopt a Negative Declaration.

Roll Call:		Ayes: Councilmembers Adams, Blakely, McCarville

Mayor Pro Tem Wilcox
			Excused:  Mayor Bartlett Motion carried:  4-0

It was moved by Mrs. McCarville, seconded by Mr. Adams, to
introduce and read by title only Ordinance No. 96-03.  As there
were no objections, City Attorney Bagneris read as follows:


Meeting of March 5, 1996 of the Monrovia Redevelopment Agency
Board of Directors was convened by Vice-Chairman Mary Wilcox at
8:23 P.M. without recessing the City Council Meeting.
ROLL CALL:  In attendance were Boardmembers Adams, Blakely,
McCarville and Vice-Chairman Wilcox.  Chairman Bartlett was

A.  CONSENT CALENDAR:  It was moved by Mrs. McCarville, seconded
by Mr. Adams, to approve the Consent Calendar consisting of
Agenda Item *B.

Roll Call: 	Ayes:  Boardmembers Adams, Blakely, McCarville and

Vice-Chairman Wilcox, Excused:  Chairman Bartlett
	Motion carried:  4-0

*B.  MINUTES:  The Minutes of the Regular Meeting of February 20,
1996 of the Monrovia Redevelopment Agency was approved by order
of the Consent Calendar.

Redevelopment Agency Board Meeting was adjourned at 8:24 P.M. and
the City Council Meeting continued.


1. Councilmember McCarville:
	(a)  Library Renovation Project:  She reported that the first
meeting of the Committee was scheduled for March 18, 1996, with
an all day meeting on March 30, 1996.

2.  Councilmember Adams:
	(a)  Water Treatment Plant: He reported that the water wells
had been contaminated by TCE for many years.  He was very pleased
to have attended the dedication of the Water Treatment Plant in
Monrovia recently which will serve half of the community in
purifying the well water.  The Plant, funded by the Main San
Gabriel Valley Water Quality Authority and maintained by our
Staff, has the capacity to run seventeen hours a day.

3.  Councilmember Blakely:
	(a)  Water Treatment Plant:  She reported that the Groundwater

Treatment Facility project began in 1990, and was funded by the
Department of Toxic Substance Control through the San Gabriel
Valley Water Quality Authority and the City of Monrovia.
	(b)  Blue Line Light Rail Project:  She recognized the efforts
of and publicly thanked John Fasana, Metropolitan Transit
Authority Director and City of Duarte Councilmember, for getting
the votes for the Blue Line from Los Angeles to Pasadena at
Sierra Madre Villa.

4.  Mayor Pro Tem Wilcox:
	(a)  Monrovia Youth Baseball League (MYBL):  She reported she
attended the Opening Day ceremonies of MYBL last Saturday.  MYBL
has been in Monrovia for forty years, and her children were
participants when it opened.
	(b)  Trash Disposal Service Inquiries:  She stated that
residents have called here regarding letters they have received
from NEWCO. She stated that the City wants residents to recycle,
but the community needs to be more educated on how to recycle.
She asked that a bulletin be placed on KGEM giving the locations
of the seven used oil recyclers in Monrovia.
	(c)  Santa Anita Family Service (SAFS):  She reported that
tickets would be available at the Family Festival to support
SAFSís current fundraiser.  Funds will support the Agencyís
Domestic Violence Program

5.  Mayor Bartlett was not in attendance.


1.  Vision 2000--A Planning Strategy for Old Town Monrovia

Assistant City Manager, Community Service/Community Development,
introduced Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Richard Singer.

Mr. Singer stated that the Chamber of Commerce, Monrovia Old Town
Merchants Association and City collaborated to produce Vision
2000---A Planning Strategy for Old Town Monrovia.  The objectives
set forth by the Vision 2000 Committee are broken down into five
categories: merchant cooperation, Old Town uses,  Old Town
environment, outdoor dining, parking needs and goals.

Mr. Singer stated that the guide represented a strategic look at
future improvements and business developments in Old Town over
the next four years and beyond.  He explained the process and
noted that the suggestions came from users of the Old Town area--
employees, businesses, and others.  The guide took eight months
of study and included field trips to other cities.  The Vision
2000 brochure will be given to current merchants and new
businesses as they open.
Although approved at a joint study session last fall with the
Merchants Association and the Chamber of Commerce, Staff
recommended formal adoption by the City Council.

After discussion, it was moved by Ms. Blakely, seconded by Mr.
Adams, approve Vision 2000--A Planning Strategy for Old Town

Roll Call: 	Councilmembers Adams, Blakely, McCarville and Mayor
Pro Tem Wilcox
  Excused:  Mayor  Bartlett
			Motion carried:  4-0

2.  Park Signs; Grand Avenue, Julian Fisher, Olive Avenue, and
Rotary Parks

Parks Division Manager Dan Iwata reviewed the Staff Report with
the aid of overhead transparencies..

Master Plans for park improvements at Olive Avenue and Rotary
Parks were recently approved by the Community Services Commission
and the City Council. Master Plans for Grand Avenue and Julian
Fisher Parks are also in development.

Staff proposes new signs which will highlight each of the park
sites.  Staff has retained the services of Armstrong and Walker,
a Monrovia landscape architectural firm, to assist in providing a
park identification sign which will be both aesthetically
well-designed and environmentally conscious.

Monrovia currently uses redwood signs at Library and Recreation
Parks.  While beautiful and well-received, they are also prone to
damage, vandalism and require periodic maintenance to keep the
wood and painted portions in good condition.  Staff believes a
viable alternative for a park sign would be a concrete sign with
recessed lettering and City logo.  It would be on a foundation of
river rock or between river rock pilasters.

The advantages include little maintenance and greatly reduced
chance for vandalism.  The disadvantage of installing a concrete
sign is the initial cost.  Staff has received estimates of $4,700
for a double-face sign installed with a river rock foundation.  A
redwood sign, similar to that at Library Park, is approximately
$3,800 including installation.  These redwood signs are
refurbished approximately once every two years at $400 per sign.

The Community Services Commission reviewed and approved the
concrete signs at its meeting of February 15, 1996.  Staff
believes that there will be a cost savings over time in that we
will not have to treat or repair the existing redwood signs on a
regular basis.

Mr. Iwata thanked the Rotary Club of Monrovia for its $1500.00
donation.  He noted that no General Fund monies will be used for
the improvements to the parks.

It was moved by Mr. Adams, seconded by Mrs. McCarville,  to
approve the concrete signs constructed on a foundation using
native river rock for Olive Avenue, Rotary, Julian Fisher, and
Grand Avenue Parks.

Roll Call:	Councilmembers Adams, Blakely, McCarville and Mayor
Pro Tem Wilcox
	Mayor Bartlett was excused.
	Motion carried:  4-0

3.  Street Sweeping Services, Extension of Contract to June 30,
1997; California Street Maintenance, Inc.; $9,304.17 Monthly

Public Works Director Robert Bammes reviewed the Staff Report.

On February 1, 1994, the City Council awarded a contract to
California Street Maintenance, Inc., for a one-year period at a
cost of $110,000. The estimated cost savings to the City was
approximately $85,000.00 over the previous program cost of City
Staff performing the street sweeping using City-owned equipment.
California Street Maintenance began providing service on February
28, 1994. On April 4, 1995, the City Council approved Staffís
recommendation to extend the California Street Maintenance, Inc.
contract for one additional year at an annual cost increase of
1.5%.  The contractorís work is monitored on a regular basis and
any service complaints are resolved as they occur.  Service
complaints during this past year have been the lowest in the past
several years.

California Street Maintenance has agreed to an extension of the
current contract through June 30, 1997 at no increase in the
price of $9,304.17 per month.  Staff is presently evaluating a
plan to change the street sweeping "No Parking" interval from the
present 4 hours to a 3-hour interval on a test basis in a portion
of the City.  Any time changes will result in a change in
signage.  The City continues to retain two operational street
sweepers for use in emergencies or for special projects.

It was moved by Ms. Blakely, seconded by Mr. Adams, extend the
present contract with California Street Maintenance, Inc. at the
price of $9,304.17 per month from March 1, 1996 through June 30,
1997, to provide the present level of service under the current
contract terms and conditions.

Roll Call:	Ayes: Councilmembers Adams, Blakely, McCarville and
Mayor Pro Tem Wilcox
   Excused:  Mayor Bartlett
             Motion carried:  4-0

*4.  Set for Public Hearing on March 19, 1996; Declaration of a
Public Nuisance at 449 Monrovista Avenue; Resolution No. 96-11

The Public Hearing was set by order of the Consent Calendar.

Staff recommended setting March 19, 1996 as the date for a public
hearing declaring a public nuisance at the property located at
449 Monrovista Avenue, abating the nuisance, confirming the
report of nuisance abatement costs, and authorizing a special
assessment for abatement costs be placed on the subject property.

*K.  PAYROLL & VOUCHERS:  Payroll No. 4 in the net amount of
$282,802.21, and Voucher Numbers 52230 through 52470
non-sequentially in the amount of $502,864.91 was approved by
order of the Consent Calendar.

L.  SCHEDULED MEETINGS: The next Regular Meeting of the Monrovia
City Council is scheduled for Tuesday, March 19, 1996, 7:30 P.M.,
Council Chambers, 415 South Ivy Avenue, Monrovia, California.


N.  ADJOURNMENT:  The Meeting adjourned at 8:57 P.M.


 Robert T. Bartlett, Mayor


 Linda B. Proctor, City Clerk



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