Jims Gems
by Jim Aguirre

DO GOODER - Here's another doozy of a do-gooder I have known
about for a while, but am just now writing about her - Josie
Ochoa. She fits the picture perfectly as a true Monrovia
do-gooder. She prefers that I write about the Monrovia League
Thrift shop on Lime Ave., where she does volunteer work.

The Monrovia League Thrift shop helps support the Santa Anita
Family service in Monrovia, which helps people in need of
counseling assistance. The thrift shop also gives money to the
Girl Scouts, Campfire Boys & Girls and the Monrovia Canyon High
School (continuation school).

Josie has lived in Monrovia for 49 years. She is a docent at the
Monrovia Museum, belongs to the Monrovia High School Alumni
Association for whom she publishes the alumni newspaper, belongs
to the Monrovia Hospital guild and has many other volunteer
activities. In addition, Josie participates in sports, playing
tennis three days a week and often runs in 10k events. Now that's
an active person.

INTRIGUING - Did you read about the lady who was keeping 38
pot-bellied pigs in her house? The health department removed the
pigs after an anonymous caller squealed on her. They found the
house filled with manure and claimed the house unfit for pigs to
live in.

REMEMBER WHEN - Are you old enough to remember when it wasn't
polite to call a policeman a "cop", when a young man on a date
would speak out if another man used foul language within hearing
distance of his girl friend and when bed scenes in movies were

INTRIGUING - The other day I was fascinated watching two men
standing in front of a store talking and as they talked they
continually gestured with their hands. I wondered - does this
gesturing as one talks make the conversation more interesting.
Maybe I'll try it so that I'll get more attention when I talk.

NAUGHTY ME - The other day I did something I probably shoudn't
have done... It was a spontaneous reaction. On the path where I
walk, as we pass each other many of us say "good morning." Often
as a friendly gesture I give a little smile or nod to a person as
I pass them by. This time a lady and I passed each other as she
was approaching the entrance to a grocery store. I looked at her
and smiled, but she paid no attention to me - she just looked
straight ahead! So, on the spur of the moment I turned around and
said to her, "You dropped something." I tell you, she stopped
immediately and looked back to see what she had dropped. I'd like
to apologize to her for upsetting her decorum.

While on the subject, I remember reading that when men wore hats
years ago they would doff their hats when they saw or met a lady.
Is that true?

COMMENTARY - One recent day in Hollywood I had two contrasting
experiences. One gave me so much faith in the younger generation
and the other was sad.

The bad experience was seeing two young men attacking another
young man to get his money. He had three dollars. The attackers
took the three dollars and also took his glasses. Then shortly
after that I was at a casting agency with several other people.
In the waiting room we were told we would have to have our
pictures taken for casting to have on file and we would have to
pay twenty dollars in cash for them.

At the time I only had five dollars in my pocket. My visa card or
a check was not acceptable. The young man sitting next to me that
I was talking to handed me twenty dollars cash. I said I would
write him a check. He refused a check and insisted I take the

Can you believe that! A young, perfect stranger doing that. It's
moments like that give one faith in our younger generation.

Gem of the month - A blow with a word strikes deeper than a blow
with a sword.

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