The Proposition

by Jill Stone


Chapter 1:What do I do with some money I've inherited? It's $15,000 - not a lot of money - but, listen. I could make a sizable sum if I play my cards right.

The lawyer explained it this way. Next Friday I will get the check and I have one year to make more money. If, in the opinion of the trustee, I have succeed in adequately increasing my wealth, a very large sum will be made available to me. If not, then the very large sum will be distributed among all the other heirs of the estate.

I need help! First of all I need help in trying to figure this out. (I'll skip the details about the attorney but I'm certain he was peering at my legs more than at his papers.) Maybe I misjudged him.

On the other hand, maybe he is a sleaze. He did whisper, "Work with me to achieve the desired result." Oh, damn! I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and treat him as neutral.

What if I do nothing about making money? I'll have that cashier's check for $15,000 in my hot little hands next Friday. Whooopie! What a weekend. For sure I'd go to London. I'll take the Virgin plane--the one where they give you messages in flight. A trip to London will adjust my attitude and give me the proper presence of mind to deal with my fortune.

On the other hand, there seems to be something up in the air about all of this. It's as if I'm being chosen to be the main heir. I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that I'm being singled out. The offer to run with the up-front money is not being made to the others, so far as I know. At least I don't think so. Oh dear! I'm not going to worry about that.

I'll find a way to increase my capital. I'll show them. So there it is. What do I do now? What are my options? I need a plan. I need help. I suppose I can get an "advisor." But if the advisor is so smart, why isn't the advisor too wealthy to advise me? No, I think the advisor thing sucks. I'm putting out the word on the net and in the meanwhile I'll get some books and magazines on investing and begin studying.

Hello out there on the net? I'm hoping this is the place to get some solutions to this problem. Anyone with a great idea, please let me know in my area in the ChatForum.




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