The Proposition

by Jill Stone

Chapter 2: Lost letter.

To try and figure out what I should do, lately I've been having imaginary conversations with my father, probably as a result of missing him. I chanced to call a friend of his--a former employee living in Honolulu. He told me my father had left a letter to be given me upon his death. When my father's friend read the memorial last month, he immediately mailed it to my Beach Street address in San Francisco. He was unaware I had left Beach Street for a dreamy studio overlooking the Bay on Macondray, one of San Francisco's most famous flower-filled lanes.

Needless to say, I have not received the letter.

My change of address expired right about the time dad died. Any thoughts on how I can locate that letter? Any other ideas? I welcome advice on any aspect of my situation. Please let me know in my area in the ChatForum.



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