Back in the mid 1980's Bruce Campbell produced _"The Second Greatest Entertainer"_ with actor Dick Shawn in Hollywood. It was a very funny and sucessful one man show: full of black comedy. During that time Bruce was encouraged to approach Kurt Vonnegut about writing film script for Dick and he did. As fate would have it, Dick died during a performance of the play.

but . . . .

Although the Shawn project was never realized, this was just the start of an ongoing relationship between Vonnegut and Campbell. Bruce was hooked on Vonnegut. After reading the collection of short stories "Welcome to the Monkey House", he decided that it was perfect as the basis for an anthology style TV series. He managed to put together a production deal with Atlantis, a Canadian production company. Kurt is not writing the scripts for the TV films, but he has approval.

Kurt did film the "Intro Footage" for Monkey House. ( - approx. 45min download at 28.8).
This video image will look best if you set your monitor to 24bit (millions) color.

It will play with any QuickTime movie player.

"All the King's Men" Ace Award"


In 1991, Atlantis filmed three pilot episodes which ran on Canadian TV and on Show Time cable channel.

"All the King's Men" won an ACE Award.

"Harrison Bergeron" is available at your local video rental store. Check it out!

Vonnegut filmed introductions to each episode.

Atlantis is now gearing up to film the next episode, to be aired on the USA cable channel.

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