Who is Bruce Campbell you ask? . . and what does he have to do with Kurt Vonnegut?
    Well, let's see . . While Campbell was in Vancouver with Kurt Vonnegut a few years ago, filming Kurt's "Welcome to the Monkey House" pilot episodes, a Television interviewer turned to Campbell and said "What is your relationship to Vonnegut?" Before Campbell could answer, Vonnegut said "he's my Svengali."

      But more about that at another cyber point in space . .

Let's talk at this point about who Kurt Vonnegut is . .

Bruce has collected this series of quotes to explain:

"Vonnegut is unique amoung us . . one of the writers who map our landscapes for us, who give names to the places we know best."
        Doris Lessing, The New York Times Book Review
"Vonnegut is George Orwell, Dr. Caligari and Flash Gordon compounded into one writer . . a zany but moral mad scientist at the controls of a literary time machine."
"Vonnegut is black humorist, fantasist, and satirist, a man disposed to deep and comic reflection on the human dilemma."
"Vonnegut is probably our finest Black Humorist.
. . We laugh in self-defense."
        The Atlantic Monthly
"Vonnegut is an unimitative and inimitable social satirist."

"Vonnegut is one of the few contemporary writers who can make you laugh despite the circumstances - or rather, because of them."
        The Atlantic Journal & Constitution
It is probably best to let Kurt Vonnegut tell you himself about what he writes about.

If you want to download this sound clip (360k-vonnegut.au), you will need an "au" file format sound player to hear this clip from a brief lecture Kurt gave at the University of Chicago. This clip is from the Vincent Voice Library at Michigan State University. Most web browsers support this format.

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Kurt Vonnegut was born in Indianapolis, Indiana on Armistice Day, November 11, 1922. He is, among other things, a writer of science fiction and satire. A true master of contemporary American literature, Vonnegut has authored eighteen highly acclaimed books and dozens of short stories, essays and plays. Among his most known works are "The Sirens of Titan" (1959), "Cat's Cradle" (1963) and "Slaughterhouse-Five" (1969).

Kurt Vonnegut has an enthusiastic audience of a wide age range. The current major Vonnegut "home page" is created and maintained by Chris Huber, at Duke University. There is extensive and interesting information there, including links to many other sites with interesting Vonnegut material.

BUT . . .

This program is about Vonnegut and Campbell.



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