The creators of (sm) invite you to explore the ways to join us in this dynamic and exciting project.

Contact information:

Executive Producer, George Thornally: 408.730.0341 (voice)
Media Relations, Niki London: 408.450.1916 (voice)
Operations: 800.887.9598 (voice)
email: info_URLySylke@urly.com
URL: http://www.urly.com/

(Advertisers) Our productions have sponsors and advertisers, similar to Television and Radio programs.

(Inverstors) For potential investors and strategic partners.

(Publicists) This is a new product. We are interested in finding publicists who are excited by the challenge of defining this new product and discovering how to promote it.

(Producers) Think of URLy Sylke as acting much like a TV network. We are always looking for independent producers with great ideas!

(UrlyServices) Take advantage of the skills our URLy Sylke production team has. Your company or organization's multimedia presentations, online conferences, events, and private information resources will benefit.

(Employment) Be part of this exciting pioneering venture, creating the rules for future norms in global communications. All the kinds of job positions you would find at a TV network or in a film company, have their parallels at URLy Sylke Productions.

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