An Inspiring, Enthusiatic, Empowering Speaker!

Speaking Engagements that will captivate and entertain your audience:

    Q: Are you looking for new approaches to being "productive"? Do you need an inspiring and timely message that's adapted to the needs of your employees?

      A: Then you will want to call for GEORGE THORNALLY, an empowering speaker with spirit and expertise focused !

    Q: How does George make your meeting or workshop a success?

      A: George is a excellent example of a successful entrepreneur. From the moment he steps up to the microphone, the air is alive with unmistakably "creative" energy and enthusiasm. An entertaining and inspiring performer, George brings humor and perspective to life's challenges with practical and immediately applicable techniques-- techniques that have propelled George Thornally into prominence as a businessperson, author, and speaker.

    Q. What makes George different from other speakers?

      A. George tailors his talks to his audiences, and he is truly interested in the success of every person attending his meetings. For this reason, George offers continuing support via email to all interested attendees.




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