Offers a one-day Creativity Seminar. A two-day program is available for corporations and organizations.

WHAT IS THE SUBJECT MATTER? You will get tools to solve problems; tools to generate good ideas; tools to become a leader. By probing the essential elements of creativity you will gain enormous confidence in facing social and business problems as well as life's untimely surprises. We will end the meeting with an engaging group creative problem solving session. Former participants have: started a high-tech corporation, written a popular children's book, and achieved an award for Outstanding Teacher of the Year.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? All who will sharpen and rediscover their creative potential. Successful individuals typically display a high degree of creativity in business and community life. Creative expression breeds success. Come and learn how. Participants from the same family (age 16 and up), club or group will find this seminar especially rewarding.

CREDENTIALS OF THE FACILITATOR: In 1979 George Thornally initiated the first formal study of Creative Behavior on the West Coast. This Master of Arts program, held at the University of Redlands, covered The Creative Act, The Creative Person, Creative Process, Creativity in Society and Creative Problem Solving. Now George has formulated a one-day Creativity Seminar, a two-day Creativity Workshop for organizations, and a six week Creative Behavior Course for students seeking a university credential.



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