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Cover of VIRGIN, the Mystery of Amos Virgin Novel

VIRGIN, The Mystery of Amos Virgin

Published June 2007

by George Francis

Amos Virgin was branded a rapist, a thief, and maybe a murderer.

Who was Amos Virgin?

He was considered a prodigy and by all accounts the most handsome and desirable young man on the Monterey Peninsula in the 1890s. He confessed to raping several young women.

But none of the women complained!

    Why not?

And why did he single out these particular women?

    Why did he offer no defense at his trial?

Winifred Ann Nesbitt

Sheriff Bill affirmed: "Amos is not the vicious criminal that the town of Pacific Grove has made him out to be."

Winnie, the Sheriff's beautiful but willful daughter, is sent to interview Amos and falls in love.

Was he a vicious criminal; or, was he broken hearted over the loss of a great love?

Can Winnie's love for Amos save him from himself and keep him from going to prison?

A fantastic cast of characters romp through the many episodes of this fictionalized account of the life and times of Amos Virgin:

  • There's Kate, proprietor of a bawdy house,

  • "the Artist from Phili" who ravages young Amos,

  • The Sandy-haired blond, assigned to "takes care" of Amos.
    Sheriff William Nesbitt of Monterey County
  • Mildred, Winnie's attractive, blonde and buxom sister,

  • Roberta and Ashley, who prepare Amos for serious lovemaking.

  • Heather, who becomes Amos' great love,

  • evil Uncle Elwin, who eats dog food and blows the Swastika Girls Club wide open,

  • Mammy Pleasant, the most powerful woman in San Francisco, who becomes Winnie's business partner, and, of course,

  • Sheriff Bill, who, in his youth saved a wagon train from marauding Indians. Later Bill befriends Amos as if he were his lost son.

Serious readers will find a Resource section at the end for their amusement.


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