Seeing the insides of how things work is one of our favorite features of an Expo such at this.

The Western Skyways Inc.
booth featured their precision built Gold Seal Aircraft engine that drew constant attention from the crowd.
Gold Seal engines are remanufactured at a modern facility in Montrose, Colorado by a team of FAA-licensed mechanics


Seeing the size and the precision of this machine reminds us that these motors must be not only very powerful, but reliably failsafe. Western Skyways rebuilds to factory-new tolerances. All parts not meeting these standards are automatically replaced.

All reciprocating assemblies, counterweights, crankshafts, pistons, wrist pins and connecting rods are matched in sets, then balanced utilizing state-of-the-art static and dynamic processes.
All external hardware is cadmium coated to prevent corrosion.


The Santa Monica Propeller booth allowed us to get a good look at the inner workings of propellers.



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