We just have to share with you what we see in the Cirrus SR20 design.

The company had brought a full size model of the plane to the show. They had a working version of the plane at the airport, so people could try a test flight. Seeing the model at the Expo, encouraged us to look at it as a scupture.


No matter where we chose to stand and look we found beautiful curves that flowed around the dophinesque shape.

Swimming through the air with the skill and joy of a dophin is an appealing concept!

Even looking at isolated areas revealed treasures of shape


The Cirrus's wings curve up with a shape as elegant as any eagle's wing tip. These photos can't begin to do justice, even when we have both this front view.....


.....and this back view. The play of light and shadow over the surface that reveals the elegant shapes and the perfection of their curves doesn't translate to a still photo.

Notice the rear window. There is a safety reason behind that. Inside, under the window is a parachutte that is deployed by a rocket that blasts out the window. If you are dead in the air -- push the button -- and float down safely!


The flow of the shape are entrancing from back to front. Notice how the curve ofthe tail to the body retains it's esthetic energy as the view point shifts more to a side view.


The wing against the body of the plane makes a universally beautiful S curve. The organic shaping of the entire plane makes it an object that meets everyones' standard of beauty.


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