The appearance of the Katana was startling to us until we remembered what dragon flys look like. We are told that this plane is popular with flying schools.


It seemed marvelous that such a thin narrow tail would be durable enough to stand up in a strong wind gust while in flight. The Austrians who originated the Katana are well respected as glider makers and are bringing that expertise to a powered airplane.

The concept of a wing tip that bends up this radically is new to us, although there seems to be some logic to it. We remember seeing eagles' wings curl up at the tips at about this angle as they fly.


The cockpit is spartan in comparison to the luxurious Cirrus, but there is a beauty in its spartan simplicy. The built-in headsets attached to the canopy are certainly a perk.

The Control pannel is traditional in appearance. No fancy padding, fancy dials and lights. The simplicty of the interior gives the impression that it will stand up under a long life of wear and tear.


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