List of the Bizarre

The Public's Love Affair with Storage

Some will say: "It's Junk."

Others, "It's Found Art."

How does the old saying go? -- "One person's junk is another person's treasure"?

If you don't believe this, try as a favor to throw out some of Uncle Albert's junk and see if you don't get an earful for your effort.

Since it is hard to believe what some people are willing to discard or leave behind when they move from their storage space, we take pains to point out that this list of bizarre items was supplied courtesy of Public Storage. There is no attempt to prevaricate or even exaggerate. What you are about to learn is the unvarnished truth!

By the way, most renters remove everything and carefully sweep the storage area clean Public Storage is proud to say and by and large their customers are exemplary.

Still, a small number, for lack of better words, are "less discriminating." Considering Public Storage provides over 20,000 storage spaces in the United States and Canada, the number of renters who leave bizarre items behind is very small in relation to the total. Imagine what story a particular item could tell if it could speak!

Look beyond the obvious and wonder why.

Let us know when you find a story that belongs here. We will publish interesting submissions.

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A sampling from the List of the Bizarre will be seen here shortly.

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NOTE. Public Storage: To find storage near you, call 800-447-8673 or do a search on their web site.

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