Being here is a little like holding the tail of a bucking bronco--

you never quite know where you will land next.
Hold on tight!                
  Allow yourself to be spun into orbit;
               be startled, tickled, excited, and challenged.

Come back again and again.




Be awakened.


A moment's insight is sometimes worth a life's experience.

    Oliver Wendell Holmes  

You'll find a variety of off-beat topics here.


Discover a new breed of people called "multinationals" for instance.
You'll find adventure, excitement, and romance . . . and more.




Can there be more?


We'll . . . study how the great inventor Nicola Tesla worked and improve your performance by an order of magnitude.

    (Thank you Chrisotopher Bird.)      

Gain insight into the workings of money, power and information.

    (Thank you Alvin and Heidi Toffler.)      

Learn an almost-fool-proof method of getting the job you want--no fool'n!
On the other hand, if you want to be the boss, you need advice that is Streetwise.

    (Thank you Bob Adams and Adams Media Corporation.)  
  Walking the tightwire is living;
everything else is waiting.



    Karl Wallenda
    The Eye will sport a number of interactive events for your amusement and edification. Plan to return here soon.
      The Awakened Eye is not for those who wait.


    If you're wondering what to do,
    To get over and under through the glue,

    Remember, you don't have to stick it out,
    Fostering guilt and living in doubt.

    Perserverance lies within.
    The way to know is in the grin.
    This is candid life.
        Jan Shepherd              

    Jobs Online Going Begging


    All the hearts of men are one,
    As every star becomes a sun.
    And all the melodies and plans
    Are mirrors in the mind of man;
    And all the thoughts and words and wings,
    Reflections, in the light of things.
    And where the light becomes the day,
    We see the stars, we taste the clay.
        Jan Shepherd

    The Multinationals



        Profundity is valid only when its true
    You're safe and sound when you're profound
    For you and only you.
            Jan Shepherd    

    Bored of Directors?



    The present creates the past and future.
    Like a diamond broken at its facets.
        Jan Shepherd        

    Wine of The Month



    Everyone was talking under water
    and I was the sea.
        Jan Shepherd              

    The Bizarre


    (NOTE. Jan Shepherd has been a successful business woman and plans a new venture specializing in developing company songs and flags. Her hobbies include doing logic problems, cooking and all forms of divination.
    Born and raised in California, she currently lives in Monterey.
    Copyright © 1992-1996
    Out of the Unpredictable Into the Unknown, poems and other thoughs by Jan Shepherd.
    E-mail Jan Shepherd)

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