Introduction to Christopher Bird, Author

Chris died of a stroke May 2, 1996

"Nikola Tesla: Great Scientist, Forgotten Genius" by Christopher Bird and Oliver Nichelson, appearing in a 1977 issue of New Age, immediately sparked an international reawakening to the work of "the greatest inventor of this century." This wasn't the first time Bird landed on the leading edge.

Christopher Bird's life reflects the observations of an alien viewing the struggle for renewal of the earth by minds far ahead of their time. His first triumph,Secret Life of Plants, co-authored with Peter Tompkins, tuned an entire '60s generation into the physical, emotional, and spiritual relations between plants and man. Secret Life became a best-seller and a film followed staring Stevie Wonder.

Bird's Secrets of the Soil, also with Tompkins, chronicled new age solutions for restoring our planet. Again, Secrets goes far beyond the obvious. For example, it begins with this quotation that serves as a guiding light for Bird to his last day:

So long as one feeds on food from unhealthy soil,
the spirit will lack the stamina to free itself
from the prison of the body.
                               — Rudolf Steiner

Operating solely under the spell of his own creative inspiration, Bird produced a coffee-table-size book on the 500-year-old mystery of dowsing titled: The Divining Hand. Jaws fell slack as readers soon found that Hand went well beyond common understanding of dowsing.

All three books have recently been republished in the United States. Secrets is published in 15 and Hand in 6 foreign countries. Bird spoke a number of foreign languages fluently, including Russian. This facility has made him a popular speaker and contributed to development of an international following for his work.

Christopher Bird: Author, Explorer (Explorer's Club of New York), Chevalier (Knights of Malta), and New Age Prospector.

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