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Multinationals is one of the varied "programs" presented
by URLy Sylke Productions
Multinationals is a state of mind and a state of action.
Our program contains a variety of areas of topical focus that are of interest to the Multinational individual.

When Mr. Ernst met Mr. Young,they had accounting and auditing on their minds - something they have performed notably for many years. Take a fresh look. Ernst & Young is a full service professional firm offering tax, audit, and consulting services across multiple industries like healthcare, real estate, insurance, financial, retail and consumer products, energy, and manufacturing and more. Multinationals fly high supported on the wings of Ernst & Young.

For those traveling in North America, FestivalFinder is where you'll discover the latest details on more than 1,300 music festivals in North America. Click to your favorite genre, or use the search feature to locate festivals by date, location, performers or festival name. FestivalFinder: Music Festivals of North America updates every day.

Have you ever wondered what the current exchange rate for money is for your trip to Europe or elsewhere. Go to our Currency Exchange Site, and find out exactly the exchange rate you need to know for your dream trip, or come to just poke around.

Producer Oli Klink conducts an interview/discussion with and about Multinationals. You are invited to participate by sending him input through email. Input of a stimulating nature, pertinent to the current topic of discussion, will be added to the conversational flow each evening.
Email Oli Klink

If your interests take you into the realm of international business, you just might want to join experienced executives on weekends in Monterey, California to learn more about business practices in foreign environments. You can work on an international business development project while earing your MBA degree. Learn to become a 13 month wonder.

Multinationals has been touring the world via the web and brings to you an annotated list of links to valuable resources for the Multinational.

To begin, we ask this question: Who are the multinationals?

Most people think of "multinationals" as companies but individuals can be multinationals, too. Business people, Peace Corps volunteers, missionaries, traveling students and teachers are all multinationals. These individual multinationals travel and live internationally, think and speak internationally, and invest internationally. They "invest" by means of contributing ideas, buying stock, lending money, and sometimes rendering free service to a community.

Often multinationals appear to be merely living the "good life" but many also apply their talent to local needs. It's little known that Marlon Brando, who lived many years on the Tahitian Island of Bora Bora, made investments in deep sea exploration with the aim of developing inexpensive food supplies. His main goal was developing new food-harvesting methods for his South Sea Island friends; profitability of the venture was secondary.

Multinationals are often visionaries who become involved in the stuff that binds people together regardless of geopolitical boundaries. One such phenomenon touching North America is called "Cascadia." Another is the resurgence of Mexican influence in the U.S. Southwest. We'll explore these and other transcultural social and economic developments and reveal hidden opportunities for multinationals.

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