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Worlds beyond time,
spaces beyond imagination.

We are called Ti'Anti, or The Ancients. Our home world is (was) A'attra orbiting our star, our sun. We call it Tu'm (our First Tongue for "Father", or the "FatherForce" meme).

Our sun was a G5 yellow dwarf in The Dragon arm of our galaxy. Recently it has demonstrated a growing instability that can be traced to passage through a dense cloud of carbon. We estimate that almost 5% of our stars mass was absorbed in pure carbon, setting off a growing series of eruptions.

We retreated to Arcos, safe from the cycle of radiation storms. We eventually were able to alter the radiation our world received to stable levels again, but recently, after an extended period of quiescence, we discovered indications of the star actually going nova.

We discussed the corporate/FamilyForce identity of our society, and 16 out of 18 million voted to leave the planet (8 Arcos voted to stay on the planet and alter their relationship with the cosmos at the same time as the planet). We designed and created four Arcolates. Great ships capable of carrying 16 Arcos each, over hundreds of thousands of lightyears and re-establishing a new society on a suitable world.

Recently, our intergalatic probe discovered a world that would be very hospitable to our presence. We named it Uma'quo (First Tongue for CreativeSource meme, or "Heaven"). We expect to pass by numerous unexplored systems and objects in our journey. We will also stop at several of our families planets for resupply, and a full genetic randomization. Our first stop is the nearest binary star system, Opat 121 for a brief supply of minerals.

...and so the tales from DracoSpace begin. The Ti'Anti begin a long voyage to a distant point in uncharted intergalatic space. Now we can ride along through the most distant reaches of our galaxy and beyond. Each week, the Ti'Anti will explore new worlds, seen for the first time by their race.

Find out about the Second Galactic Sentiation, and the Timeless Artifacts. Fly through star lanes in FTL Quantum Probability Drives, and ride this lightwave illustrated story to it's final conclusion on a distant planet in the deep void of intergalactic space.

Due to the response from DracoSpace fans Urly Sylke is re-running this series for the benefit of those who have just discovered it.

Installments will take place every Wednesday night.

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