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Tips for getting the most from your storage space, from the experts.

How Much Space Do I Need?

Estimating the size of a storage space needed:

    Size may vary due to wall thickness and height. Most units are 10 feet in height. To arrive at the number of cubic feet in a storage space, follow the example.

    Approximate size =
    5 X 10 =

    Square feet x Height =
    50 X 10 =

    Cubic Feet =

    Quick rule of thumb to determine size of space needed:



    Personal items only, i.e.
    skis, boxes, clothes
    5 x 5
    1 - 2 Bedroom apartment 5 X 10
    2 Bedroom dwelling 10 x 10
    3 Bedroom dwelling 10 X 15 to 10 X 20
    5 to 7 Room house 10 X 20 to 10 X 30

NOTE. Public Storage: To find storage near you, call 800-447-8673
or do a search on their web site.

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