Flight of the Ancients

Tensor fields glow deep in the ultraviolet as the second electron shockwave from our star's nova explosion passes the four Arcolates.

Having gone nova, the first, thermal/gamma radiation shockwave has just blown past our home-world, in the background. We knew the eruption was coming, and would turn our hydrosphere and biosphere into gaseous vapor. The thermal shockwave rips the gas shell from the surface of our planet as it begins to ignite, and ultimately vaporize even the rock and iron core. Eventually all that will be left of N'Quibwin will be a glowing spiral of incandescent gas, slowly expanding into the eternal interstellar void.

Our four Arcolates carry 16 Arcos each, or four million people. Our society left eight Arcos behind; those who chose to stay and forever alter their relationship with the cosmos with the planet, in an instant of blinding light.

We are heading for a world approximately 450,000 light-years out in the intergalactic void, Uma'P,qua, where the Arcos can be re-established in the protein-rich oceans. Meanwhile our course through the galaxy will take us pass many interesting objects and civilizations.

The Arcolate Michelli (carrying the Michelli Arcos' one through four) leads The Fleet of Ancients out into the eternal night of infinite space and time.

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