The Intergalactic Academy of Noetic Science

We have found a small cluster of islands which afford us a suitable climate and haven. The atoll is rich in protein, and the temperate climate and sizable accompanying landspace gives us ample opportunity to commune with the bio-sphere, unprotected. A luxury we've had to forgo for a very long time.

Many of the citizens are talking about moving completely away from the Arcos, and starting a real outdoor commune on a near-by island chain.

We have just finished construction of the Academy building. It stands a little over a mile high, and can house an academic community of over two and a half million. We already have our first class of 122,000 academicians scheduled to translate directly to the Academy in just a few days.

Our next order of business is to decide what the we will do with this new science. Our Family/Force will do a group tie-in via the MetaMind Computer tomorrow, just as The Lanterns Of Home rises on the western horizon, and then we will decide our future.


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