Monrovia, California


National Civic League

All-America City Award Winner, 1995-96




School Enrollment - 5,640
  • several preschools
  • 5 elementary schools ___(grades K-5)
  • two middle schools _____(grades 6-8)
  • one high school ________(grades 9-12)
  • one continuation school
  • one community adult school
  • 3 parochial schools
  • Four private schools
  • Independent study/home independent study center
  • Monrovia is part of the Citrus Community College Distract.

City officials, the Schools District, and the Police Department have cooperated in directing resources to provide the safest and healthiest learning atmosphere in Monrovia schools.


The Parks Division is responsible for landscape and parkway maintenance.
In 1994, the division completed numerous upgrade projects to the delight of Monrovia's children. The upgrades included making the playground equipment handicapped-accessible.

143 acres of hiking and camping terrain (63 developed acres and 80 undeveloped acres), tennis courts, swimming and wading pools, raquetball courts, and overnight cabins.

Community Services: The Community Services Division energetically provides quality recreational opportunities for children, families, and seniors that build self-esteem, teach new skills, and provide social interaction.




Southern California Gas Co.



Southern California Edison Co.






City of Monrovia (98% of the city)


Cal American ( 2% of the city)

Monrovia is a community of unique homes, reflecting its proud past. A major emphasis is preserving and maintaining existing homes and neighborhoods.
With a committment to affordable housing, the City of Monrovia offers a wide variety of opportunities for first-time buyers who meet certain income restrictions and guidelines.

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