We thought that the Plymouth Voyager this year was the ultimate in family vans. Well look at this one. It will take you into the 21st century for sure! Can you just picture yourself in the cockpit of this cruiser?

Bertone designed this prototype in 1994 and named it Genisis.

If we haven't seen this in a futuristic movie yet, it surely won't take long before we do. The concept of curving the glass around into the roof seems appealing for being able to look up for sight-seeing. At the same time, having driven in hot sunny California, we can't help wondering if it might be all too effective as a broiler for the passengers.



At first, as we walked around to the front, we were marveling at the huge piece of curved windshield....... but no, it's seamed at center front. Somehow, that seam line accentuates the illusion of forward motion. You know, like those "speed" lines cartoonists draw behind running characters.

The side design lines do give the van a look you would expect on a bullet train.


Seeing this different design for the back of the seats was illuminating. It caused us to give serious thought to why no one has tried an unusual treatment like this. We could see that there would be a problem with children getting their heads stuck in the crook of the headrest's curve. (You know how children are, if it can be done they'll try it.)

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