The Plymouth Prowler Roadster.

Finally a "concept car" that will be a reality. For years the American Auto industry has been fooling the public with cardboard, plywood and currently plastic renditions of exotic concept cars that will never be a reality. It's all PR hype; that is, until now.

Plymouth has done the unthinkable. They are building the Prowler!

They have made an advanced sports car especially for us - the creative Boys and Girls who are forever pushing the envelope.


The value in making a car concept into a reality is that Plymouth will stand the cost of the testing, licensing, and expense of necessary improvements for the Prowler. Plymouth will be your partner for a while. Nice to have a wealthy partner with a vested interest!

Moving Parts Recommendation: If you have ample funds, buy the Prowler asap. It will be a collectible. You can't go wrong at any reasonable acquisition price. Expect to bid for it at selected dealers.


Contact the appropriate dealer asap for instructions on how to place a bid. Recommendation by "GEO" If you're playing it close to the vest. Let others test drive this car and revisit the opportunity in six months to a year.


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